Malta/London here I am!

5 12 2010

Early the next morning after Belfast I had a flight to catch…I was going back to Malta. The main reason was because of graduation and the Biology symposium (read more about those in my research blog). But it was also a good excuse to see Bernard again, and see my sister and her bf, and be back home and enjoy the comforts of home. You can read more about the trip in my sister’s blog. Yes I am lazy :).

But I really enjoyed myself. I felt like a tourist back in my own country…but that is a good thing…got to go to a museum (Aviation Museum…a well worth it visit I must say…I got into a fighter plane and taught how to pilot it), enjoy the wonders of Gozo and home cooking, see friends and family and GRADUATE!

Going up to receive my certificate

Going up to receive my certificate

I will be back in Dublin for less than 3 weeks when I go back to Malta for Christmas…so it was not such a difficult goodbye. And anyways I was not going straight back to Dublin. On Saturday I left to London for 2 days (actually 1.5) to stay with my sister and her boyfriend. The trip did not start well…a 3 hour delay…and they also told us that they would not be serving any food/drinks on board the plane cos that was what was causing problems (not a problem…I never buy anything anyways), and off we went.

Since we arrived late in London, we could not go shopping as planned, so instead we went to eat on the way home and had a relaxing night in. Next morning I was up bright and early (meaning before my lazy sister). We had breakfast and said goodbye to Michael (his excuse was that he needed to work…I believe it is cos he did not want to spend his time with two chattering people whilst shopping…do I blame him NO! 🙂 ).

First up…Farmer’s market. I had never been to one before, but it was really good. I need to find one here in Dublin and maybe go to it sometime :). After that the shopping began. We were a bit early…it was Sunday and most shops were closed. But we walked around a bit and then it was time. I needed winter boots (waterproofs) and a jacket. My sister needed some other things. The first place we were at I did not find anything I liked…or actually I found some boots but my sister was the same size and took them instead of me :(. So after going round the shops in the area we got the bus to Oxford street, and the search continued.

We saw this Jack Wolfskin shop, which my sister said just opened (we got to know it was the previous day) and we went in. The service there was impeccable. I was not allowed to try on any jacket myself. Rather one of the salesmen (or whatever you call them) comes with you the moment you enter and he puts the jacket on for you (oooohhhh…such  gentleman…no complaints). Unfortunately they did not have my size for the jacket I wanted. So off we went. Next up was Lillywhites :). Weee successful…I got a good rain jacket and good waterproof shoes. Then I bought a present for someone (no not you Bernard haha) and off home we went.

As soon as I arrived home (happy with my purchases) I showed them to Michael and he found fault with two of the things I bought BOOOHOOO. The present was not exactly what I thought it was…still a good present but anyways…not what I wanted exactly, and the jacket still had its security tag stuck on…although I had paid and it did not beep. Oh well…no time to go back to the shop…at least it was in the pocket and not visible meaning I could still use it (I have emailed the outlet and awaiting their response).

That evening we had dinner at an Indian restaurant close to my sister’s place. They had never tried it before, but it was really good (I am no expert in such foods…but it seems I am getting into it 🙂 ). Then back home to pack and sleep, cos next morning at 3am I had to wake up to get my flight back to Dublin.




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