What did you do to Dublin!

5 12 2010

What did you do to Dublin!…that was my expression as soon as I saw Ireland from the air. It was no longer green :(…it was white…completely covered in white. WEEEE snow :). We landed (a bit late…cos we left late and then had some waiting on the runway) and everything was white. I rushed to my place then to Uni…everything was white. SNOW!…well no snow was falling, but that was soon to change. During the day and the night the snow kept on falling on and off on and off. WEEE my first actual snow.

View from the lab window

View from the lab window

Tuesday came and it was still snowing, but off to Uni we went. Many people were however away. In fact I got my first snow days. The Uni has been closed since Wednesday afternoon. It is not so difficult to get to Uni from where I live, cos it is just a 5 minute walk. The problems are for those who drive. The snow is still on the ground, but it has not snowed in the past 2 days, so tomorrow it should be back to Uni.

I enjoyed the snow…although it gets a bit boring staying inside. I had good Grey’s anatomy company so no complaints, but now I am ready to go back (hmmm…really not sure, but work needs to get done…I did some from home…but let’s say it was not too productive).

Here are some more snow photos 🙂

Me in Snow!

Me in Snow!

View from my window!...this was not at its worst

View from my window!...this was not at its worst

The roads outside!

The roads outside!




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