Pub Crawling

10 12 2010

Yesterday I went on my first ever pub crawl with the BRS…the Biological Research Society at DCU. It was organised as part of the Christmas festivities by the BRS, with the event starting at 3:30pm. Therefore after our lab meeting we rushed back to lab got our things and proceeded to the BRS pub crawl. The pub crawl was divided into 2 parts. The first part was the actual pub crawl. We were given a list of clues from which we had to figure out which pub in Dublin it is. We then traveled around Dublin going from Pub to Pub collecting playing cards which were stuck at the different pubs, memorabilia, answers to questions on the pub (and general science) or its vicinity and more importantly receipts from drinks :).

On our team we were Ross, Zahra and myself from our lab and Zahra’s husband Ali. We then joined up with another group (basically because we had no idea of the pub names). I impressed (hmmm not sure if that is the right word) the others with my strict adherence to the rules (and disregard for anything else)…but I think they were won over by the end of the night when I had collected a good stash of receipts and not being drunk….ohhh so much for being resourceful. I also managed to find a couple of cards (once I remembered about them and actually started to look for them).

I also got to visit the smallest pub in Dublin…it is positively claustrophobic and tiny (it is underground to boot), but Oh so quaint and cute…but let us say that the patrons were not so enthusiastic to see a bunch of people traipsing in and looking for stuff…we would have filled it on our own…but Oh well! Here is it in all its glory 🙂

The Dawson's Lounge...yes it through that door u have to go in :)

The Dawson's Lounge...yes it through that door u have to go in 🙂

The last pub was the Gingerman, where the lower bar was reserved for us and we could mingle, chat, drink and eat :). We did not stay long at this place ‘cos we had been out all day and we were getting tired. But overall a really great night. I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait for next year (I will have my strategy improved considerably muhahhahaha). I am glad I went, especially since I was not so enthusiastic in the beginning.

So thank you BRS for a wonderful afternoon-evening-night 🙂




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15 12 2010
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[…] Bar just across the O’Connell Bridge. I had only met him briefly before at the BRS Pub Crawl, but did not get to chat with him much. He is really nice and you could easily chat on and on with […]

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