Lab Christmas Dinner

15 12 2010

A few weeks ago our supervisors asked whether we would be up with going out to dinner as a lab outing. We obviously had no problems with that and a date was set for yesterday (since from then on the lab members will start dwindling with 3 of us having left the country by the end of the week). The location was set to the Mona Lisa Restaurant at the centre of town and the reservation was at 6. However a couple of us decided to head to town earlier and go to a pub (as you do just before dinner).

So Ross, Annmarie, Zahra, Basha and myself left the lab to head to town where we met with Mark (a student who finished his MSc earlier on in the year) at Fitzgerald’s Bar just across the O’Connell Bridge. I had only met him briefly before at the BRS Pub Crawl, but did not get to chat with him much. He is really nice and you could easily chat on and on with him. We had a couple of drinks, then headed to the restaurant. Kieran (one of the supervisors) was there, and we were soon joined by Anne and John (2 other supervisors) and David (a PhD student who stayed longer at the lab since he had his PhD transfer today).

We all decided on the Christmas menu, where we had a starter, main course and dessert for €19.95. I opted for Garlic Ciabatta, Chicken with Wild Mushroom and Port Sauce and Apple Pie to close. The food was quite good, and the company was even better. Although we did get to discuss some subjects which might not be the best idea to discuss (religion and politics). But everything went well and no one got offended or anything. The discussions did not waver for one minute and I quite enjoyed myself, even though I was sitting just opposite one of the supervisors and I would have thought it would have been a bit more awkward. But oh well, I can generally talk to anyone, and I do not think I said anything I should not have.

After dinner, what do you do? Go to another pub. Mulligans it was. David, Zahra and Basha headed off but the rest of us trooped on.  This pub looks really traditional and they even had an open fire. The discussions went on (whilst the guys drank more Guinness) until first Annmarie had to leave since her bf had come up to give her a lift back home. At around 10:45pm Ross and myself also headed off to catch one of the last buses back home (thus preventing the need for a taxi), leaving the others behind.

Overall an enjoyable evening…when shall we go next??





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