Back in Malta :)

19 12 2010

Weee…have managed to make it back to Malta, with no delays or hiccups. I had been hearing rumors of snow coming to Ireland and Europe for a couple of days before my flight last Friday and was NOT all that thrilled about it. However Thursday night no snow appeared and Friday morning (4:30am wake up call aaaaa) the skies were clear. So off to the airport I went. Went through security, grabbed a seat (at Dublin airport a flight boards from every gate every 30minutes it seems, and since I always arrive earlier than that I try and grab a seat next to the gate and watch the people pass through) and waited for boarding.

Boarding came, and I got one of my favourite seats in the plane…an windowseat in an overwing emergency exit aisle. You get the leg room (OKI do not have long legs but I like the space nonetheless, and it is in the centre of the plane, so you do not feel the plane movements that much), and I will be the first out in an emergency (also meaning other people will be depending on me aaaaaaaaaaaa. A few minutes after I boarded I saw my friend who is following a PhD in Dublin too come up, and since I had an empty seat next to me he popped in. I usually spend the 3:45 hour flight reading and sleeping. However this development changed the plans…we chatted, chatted, chatted and read a bit :). I also am pretty sure that another BSc classmate’s boyfriend was sitting in front of us :).

The flight was pleasant enough, through probably not for the guy at the end of our aisle…I think he was trying to sleep but we chatted all the way (although he did get some sleep cos he snored a bit 🙂 ). He was friendly enough, and it seemed that he managed to glean that we are following PhDs in Dublin. So as soon as we landed he turned to us and asked whether we are following PhDs in Dublin and where. We said DCU and UCD. Hmmm he said…I am following a PhD at Trinity…so there…we now know that there are Maltese PhD students at the 3 Dublin University :)…but do not think that there are more than 1 student at each.

On exiting the terminal I found my mum waiting and off to my aunt’s we went for ravjul…mmmm good to be back 🙂




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