Christmas in Malta

28 12 2010

More than half my Christmas holiday in Malta has passed now (sniff sniff). Today week I will be back in Ireland and the cold (barring any flight cancellations). The past 1.5weeks has been quite eventful, as Christmas back home tends to be. I have mainly just slipped into Bernard’s life in the evenings and on holidays and doing bits and bobs of my own in the mornings. I have been to party after party, meal after meal. How else can you celebrate if not by food? However it is a fun way to meet the others.

Most of the activities were related to ZAK. To date 2 parties…and tonight I will have the third weeeee. The party tonight is an end of year activity for ZAK, and Bernard will be playing during mass, and at a mini concert they will be giving after before the DJ music starts. So for the past days I have had more ZAK :)…with rehearsals for tonight. However I enjoy myself (unless it starts getting boring hehe) and so do not mind. I also had an in-law party at Bernard’s house, where they invited all the family’s gf/bfs and their parents to…what else…eat. Bernard had a half day off so I went over to their house earlier to help in the cooking. However Bernard’s sister and her bf had already started so it was not too much work hihi. I also got to know Bernard’s sister’s b better :)…to date I had only met him for a total of about 3 minutes. He is great fun (I approve 😛 :P…not that you need my approval haha).

On Christmas eve we went window shopping in Valletta and then to midnight mass at the University Chapel…where I got to meet up with a couple of other friends who are always there. Then on Christmas Day we had lunch at my aunt’s house…MMMMMMMMMMM as usual…and in the evening we went to Bernard’s house, where we visited his grandfather and then played board games/cards at Bernard’s house with his sis, her bf and Bee’s brother. And I already wrote about my big present from Bernard. WEEEEEEE…it was fitting a big tightly (I have chubby fingers…what can I do), and I have now altered it to fit weeeeeeee. My fingers are a chubby size 17 for future reference :P. Sunday saw me meeting up with ex colleagues from GSD…Ruth, Lenny, Mario and Clarissa…with their husbands/wives/gf/bf…and CHILDREN (including 1 on the way…congratulations Ruth). It is always great to meet up with them again, as I enjoyed their friendship during my time at GSD, and I was thrilled to be invited to join them. The conversation did not ebb one minute as always and it is good to catch up.

My Christmas hols are not all play (and food however). I cannot switch off completely ever it seems. I have put in some time of work (would not call it hours). Working on a poster, a lit review and a paper…however this is done in a snatched 30mins here and an hour here. Not very productive, but it is the way I work best.

Hopefully u will get another update soon. Hope you had a VERY HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂




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28 12 2010

Weee – congrats Ruth 🙂

2 01 2011
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