Christmas in Malta…Part 2

2 01 2011

My Christmas holidays are almost over…in less than 24 hours I will be back in Dublin (I hope). I have had a great 2.5 weeks back home. I settled back right in and am finding hard to go back…I am going back to work after all. It is great to be in the midst of all your family and near Bernard. The fact that I have a cold and that I will most probably be leaving Malta with the cold still with me does certainly not augur well. But I am taking antibiotics and will hopefully get better soon.

Since Christmas, and my last post the activities have not been reduced. The ZAK Malta end of year party was up first. Bernard was part of the band for the night, who were playing during mass, and had a mini concert at the start of the after-party, before the DJs came in. I had been hearing about this for some time, having found the songs and sent them to Bernard to listen to and been to numerous rehearsals, even as far back as November when I was in Malta for my graduation. Unfortunately during mass, Bernard’s guitar string snapped. This meant that he had to rush back home to get his siter’s guitar and back to Rabat (a 20 minute drive each way). Luckily he made it back in time, and everything went well. Including his solo song, where he sang Tal-Pastizzi (a traditional Maltese song) rather than playing the guitar.

Bernard singing :) (Photo stolen form FCM facebook)

Bernard singing 🙂 (Photo stolen form FCM facebook)

I enjoyed the night tremendously, and got to catch up with numerous people from ZAK I had not met in some time.

With a couple of friends from ZAK I also made it to the Manoel Theatre Panto…Cindirella. Bernard, Christianne, Angela, Marco, Clayton, Anushka, Clara’s sister (since Clara was sick) and myself, made our way to the traditional panto :). I must say that this year’s show was not the best I have seen…Bernard even dozed off in the middle. But it was entertaining, funny and a good laugh. The highlight of the night was however after the panto. We all went to Cafe Jubilee in Valletta, and had some dinner (if you can call it dinner at 11;30pm) and a good chat with good friends.

The week also included invitations to some friend’s and relative’s houses etc. Yesterday saw me spend the day at Bernard’s house where all the family (+ gf/bf…or fiancee in my case weeee) met for New Year’s Day dinner, and played board games after (which I took from my house hehe).

The past week also saw us see the New Year in. Myself and Bernard saw 2010 turn into 2011 at the Capital City, where there was an open air concert…one of the wonders of living in a country like Malta, where it is not too cold ever. It was the first national activity of its kind for New Year’s day and it was a great atmosphere. I have been to Gozo for the past 2 years, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely…the only complaint…the traffic after the event to get back home. But Oh Well…what to do. One thing to say, Wintermoods and Fakawi were great. Pawlu Borg Bonaci of Fakawi was impressive as always…he is a true entertainer. One complaint…I would have expected some more bands before midnight, rather than just Wintermoods. But having Fakawi on after midnight, for quite some time (till 1am they were still there) was great, rather than simply a DJ playing. If it were just a DJ I would have left just after midnight, but they kept me there much longer and would have stayed longer if my eyes were not closing and my cold had not already made its presence known.

Today saw me spend a relaxing day, mostly with Bernard. Will miss him lots…but things will be OK. He is looking forward for me to leave, so that he can get on with a couple of things he needs to get to do. I also need to get back to work on my PhD. Thank you Bee and everyone for a great Christmas holiday.




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