Back in Dublin

3 01 2011

My Christmas trip is over, and I am now back in Dublin and placed all my luggage contents in their place. Before I left home however my mum cooked me some ravjul. The Ryanair flight should leave at 12:30pm, and it is always a bit of an issue. Lunch time would not have been there by the time I leave home (around 11am). But landing is at 3:30pm Irish time (i.e. 4:30pm Malta time), so I always am uncertain about whether I should eat or not. However how could I say no to ravjul?

I made it to the airport, got on the plane and found one of my favourite seats available…a over-wing emergency exit aisle window seat. Everything was going smoothly, the doors closed and we were ready to leave. But no, a technical person suddenly boarded and started looking out of some windows at the wing. The pilot came out and they started discussing. Technical personnel started looking at the wings over and over again. Hmmmm…things did not look good. My hopes of leaving on time were scrapped. But what had happened?

The pilot took it upon himself to advise us of the issue. I appreciated this very much. It is not very common that problems are shared with the public. This commonly leads to more fear. Rather the small announcement he made allayed all our fears. So what was the issue? Apparently the flight on coming to Malta flew at 37000 feet (if I remember well), where temperatures reach -60 deg Celsius. This meant that the plane was very cold. Unfortunately just after boarding, a small rain shower fell. The water which fell on the right wing froze. Due to safety issues, a plane cannot depart with ice on its wings. So what did we do? We waited until the ice melted and the wings were ice free. So after around a 1hour delay we were off and on our way to Dublin.

Lets see how things go here. Tomorrow I have no Uni, since the Uni closure ends on Wednesday. I plan to do some work nonetheless from home and I need to go shopping for some food.

25 days till Ann visits

38 days to see Bernard again




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5 01 2011

WEEE to my visit 😀

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