Gymming again

6 01 2011

Today was my first day back in the gym after the Christmas holidays. The class schedule has changed, and so a whole new set of classes has been opened up to me. There are classes like kettlebells which sound interesting. Once I move onto campus (weeee did I tell you I will change residence and move to the campus postgrad residence on the 2nd of February…I just paid my deposit and everything should be in order…I will be in a 3 bedroom apartment and having a much larger space in my room wippie) I hope to get into a couple of 8pm classes, such as boxercise and so on. At the moment once I go home I do not feel like going back out again especially at 8pm when it is dark. However once I am living on campus, I will be just 2mins away from the gym, so I would have no excuses 🙂

Well, what class did I do today? Pilates. What does it consist of you might ask?

The Pilates method seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core and it does this using a range of apparatuses to guide and train the body.

Basically…no sweating involved. But lots of muscle contractions and breathing. You do things like sit ups and other exercises, but instead of huffing and puffing along you do them slowly. No cheating here…you get to feel all the muscles. I found it quite confusing…you have to think about what you are doing, but also on whether you are exhaling and inhaling. There were also exercises where you exhale 5 times in a row then inhale 5 times in a row…or else where you are squashed and should be breathing in…but my lungs were all squashed hmmmm. It is not an easy class…but many not for me…or maybe next time I combine it with a walk on the treadmill or something…but it does give you more muscle strength…my problem is that I have no muscle strength in my core at the moment I think.

Will keep you updated 🙂




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