6 01 2011

Weeee…I might get another visitor in January. At the end of January, my sister Ann will be visiting me for the first time in Dublin (3 weeks to go weeeee). Today I got talking to another friend Christabelle, who has been planning to come visit some time. She decided that she would join my sister on her weekend visit and so will probably join her. She still needs to buy her ticket etc…but hopefully she will make it.

Therefore in 3 week’s time I should have a minimum of 1, but hopefully 2 (anyone else??) visitors. I have something to look forward to, which is great, especially in these dark nights. It seems that since I moved back after Christmas I am waking up in the dark (sunrise is around 8:30am) and getting home in the dark (the sun sets at around 4:30pm). I cannot wait for the longer days to come. Here in Dublin, winter days are much shorter to those in Malta, but then summer days are much longer. From what I can see, the days grow longer by around 10 mins a week…come on longer days come here come here. And most of the time where the ‘sun’ is out, I am inside :(…so come on sun…come come 🙂




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