Back into the swing of things

8 01 2011

I have been meaning to join some sort of sport team (preferably softball or handball since I have some prior experience) since I moved to Dublin. But I could not find one that suited me…i.e. located close or else in the case of softball even training…with softball the season runs from April-September…so when I came in October the season was just finished. However when I was at home for Christmas I decided to take another look around. And sure enough Softball Ireland were organising an Indoor Softball tournament this weekend. I sent an email and hoped for the best. Sure enough I received a reply from one of the organisers who found me a team and also put me in contact with a team that plays close to where I live for the tournament…The Flyers…who train close to the airport, which is handy enough for me. One of the girls from the Flyers was actually on the team I was with for the day.

Well this morning I could not lie in, cos at 9 I had to be at the ALSAA sports club. Luckily it is also where the Flyers play so it is just 10mins by bus away (although I did have to wait 20 minutes for the bus to come). I got on the bus and hoped for the best, that I could recognise the stop and get off at the right place. I started hearing two guys behind me talking. First it was something about metacarpals and metatarsals. But then the conversation turned to strikes and pitching. Hmmmm I said…so I turned round to them and asked them whether they were going to the Indoor Softball Tournament. They said yes and off we got together. Once off the bus we chatted a bit and we realised that we would be playing on the same team YEAH! First contact made.

We got into the gym, and had a short briefing on the rules of the game (they are somewhat different to the outdoor version). 10 teams were playing, on 3 different courts (1 big court divided into 3). On each team a minimum of 3 girls have to play at a time, with 8 players fielding. When batting everyone goes in line, 1 boy 1 girl and everyone gets one ball each…either a ball and you get on base, or you hit and get on base (or no) or you strike out/foul ball and you are out. The scoring system is a bit complicated (did not bother with it), but you can get negative points (OH JOY!). There is a set time for each inning and people keep on batting until the time is up. Each game had two innings.

The people on my team were really great…we did not do too well…but we had a great time. It seems that my team (the Usual Suspects) has a reputation for being big on the fun 🙂 They all welcomed me right in and I had a great time. My batting and fielding were not too horrible. I also did a couple of really good outs on third in the last game weeee…and got crowned the Third base queen at the end of the night…so that was a good thing. And what’s more…we won the plate final and so we got a small trophy…a shot glass of Dublin weeee. After the games (there were the semifinals and finals on for the cup) we retreated to the bar upstairs for some drinking and chatting. I stayed for a bit then headed for the bus back home, so that I could update you all.

Overall it was a great day out…Thank you to Cora, Shaun, Ciaran, Ger, Mike (I think), Sinead, Suzanne and Sarah for making me feel so welcome. Can’t wait for Feb/March when preseason training for the Flyers starts…or April when the games start. I had a great time and will definitely be back 🙂




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8 01 2011
mina mina mina pest tolu

what fun
sounds awesome
so happy 🙂

8 01 2011

Hey ceci 🙂 enjoyed reading this… Take care!

11 01 2011
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