12 01 2011

This is a week of new activities in Dublin…after softball and swimming, today was my turn to try Zumba…this is a new class showing up in the DCU gym group schedule. Unlike all other classes, members would have to pay €5 for the class. However today was a free starter class so I obviously signed up to go and try it.

The class was held by two girls from Zumba Ireland and it really was a class of calorie burning fun. I really enjoyed myself and at the end of the day it is a really good workout. However I am glad there were no people there that I know, cos there were some moves I will certainly never repeat out of the confines of a Zumba class. Here is an idea of a class and you could understand better why:

Overall what is my verdict?…A really great class…Will I be back?…Seriously doubt it…the DCU gym group schedule is packed with interesting classes, which are free…so why pay €5 a week to go to this class? They do not even have an option of say €20 for 5 classes or so. I seriously doubt they succeed…but hey I am in Ireland…so what do I know?




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