Movie Evening

16 01 2011

Yesterday evening was my first night out in Dublin (excluding Christmas parties). And what did I get up to? Oh nothing much, by I went over to Monika’s place for a Movie evening. I had a couple of movies so I just went over with some microwave popcorn and pizza at 6pm. I was also excited to see the rooms on campus, and WOW…those rooms are big, and you get the longest desk I have ever seen. The bed seems really miniscule in these rooms because of their size. So cannot wait to move onto campus in a couple of weeks. By the way…for all of you expecting a mansion when you come visit, you are mistaken…these rooms at around 16.5 sq m, including a desk, bathroom, bed and wardrobe…so nothing too big. But compared to what I have…much much bigger.

Well we settled in and started discussing what we wanted to watch. We settled on Little Fockers…Monika had not seen the other movies about the Focker family, but she still could follow and we laughed our head off. It is a comic movie…nothing too out there…you know most of the jokes, but still a great night in movie.

After the Little Fockers…and some dinner (not my pizza…cos Monika had cooked some pasta it seems…mmmmm it was good…pizza will be eaten today). we decided to watch another movie…this time the decision fell on Black Swan. Hmmm…we did not really get the movie…it is confusing and dark…not something I liked too much…would have been disappointed to have paid to go watch it.

But anyways the night was a great success…cannot wait to have Monika over for my hosting of a movie evening (though would need to clean my room grrrrrr).




4 responses

16 01 2011

pasta with what?
And you get to eat all the pizza yourself? piggy 😛

16 01 2011

Pasta with vegetables then in the oven mmmmmmm…called colourful pasta 🙂 Have not yet eaten the pizza…tomorrow or tongiht probably 🙂

16 01 2011

I loved Little Fockers too 🙂

6 02 2011
A Night Out In « My Commentary…

[…] just eat, chat and have a good time. The only other time I did that in Dublin was when I had the movie night with Monika. These are the best evening. No stress, no dressing up. Just lounging around. It was […]

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