Reduced to Clear

16 01 2011

Tesco…Reduced to Clear…is fast becoming my Weekend food selection. So what is this? The Reduced to clear section is a small section of Tesco outlets which are going to get to their useby date in a couple of days (or the same day). Therefore their prices are reduced so people buy them. I only realised where this aisle is a few weeks ago, but generally when I go in the evening it is nearly empty. But I now figured out that they put out the food in the morning…therefore on weekends, I have started to make my way to Tesco (this has been my 2nd week) and to this aisle to buy my weekend lunch and dinner selection.

This has been a great opportunity for me to get some food which is out of my repertoire for weekends. Generally I buy ready made meals, which I just pop into the oven for 20-25mins. Till now I have had pizza, shepherds pie, steak pie, lasagna and quiche lorraine. The food is quite good, and it allows me to eat such dinners I would not cook for myself…besides being quite cheap (e.g. €1.45 for the shepherds pie). Some of the Tesco reduced to clear aisle is still not reduced a lot…so I do not get them. But generally you do get some good bargains.




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