Impressive Service

7 02 2011

As I have previously mentioned, last week I moved into a new apartment. I am now living on the DCU campus postgraduate accommodation. What I am most impressed with is the service you get here. I had a bad (torn, water damage etc) carpet in my room, and they advised me before going up to my room the first time and advised they will be coming in to change it. Last Friday they came in, but there was more damage than they thought and they told me they will come in today. And guess what, today after Uni I came home, and found that my carpet was indeed changed. Not all of it mind you, because most was in good shape. But all the places where it was stained, torn etc. A job well done. I liked the fact that they not only keep you updated (they advised why the delay was last Friday etc), but they actually do the job. I also got a new bed base and a new lamp bulb. I still have some pending requests (heating which does not switch off, broken shower regulator, leaking shower and the bulb went off again) but these are inputted in the online system and I am pretty sure they will get to them soon.

What would I really like to be totally happy about my new apartment? That the bad smells in the apartment (especially those in the kitchen) disappear. We have a gone off cheese smell in the kitchen, which is not pleasant at all. In my room I had a smoke smell, but it seems to be getting better. Thank God for the nose getting accustomed to smells (knew the technical word once…if anyone knows please remind me).

Everyone is welcome to come visit 🙂





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