Goodbye Peter :(

20 02 2011

Peter is a trainee pastoral worker at the OLV church I go to. His first week in the parish was my first week there. His placement at OLV is coming to an end, with his last mass being the 630 youth mass tonight. Therefore, as is fitting we all went out to dinner yesterday. The place chosen was a few minutes away from Croke Park, and therefore Ian and myself just went straight in after the game. The restaurant was called Independent Pizza. Not many people actually did make it. It was Ian, Colette, Sinead, Peter and myself. But we were a great group and had an enjoyable evening full of laughs.

I had the Special Pizza…mmmmmm…and for desert the apple crumble MMMMMMm MMMMMm hehe. The other people’s pizza looked as delicious as mine :).

I also learnt some Irish. Learnt is the key word mind you…it means I knew it then. Does not say anything about remembering it this morning. Though I remember some things, namely (and I am writing phonetically):

Connish thought u…How are you?…written Conas tá tú?

Cecilia is anum dumb … my name is Cecilia…apparently it is written Cecilia is ainm dom.

I also knew… I was born and raised in Malta, I need to go to the bathroom, I am 24 years old, and possibly something else. But Oh well. Will ask them tonight and write them down 🙂 Apparently they said I could get the accent quite well, which is good 🙂 Possibly it is because I didn’t see them written down initially (that would be useless), but just copied the sounds.

Peter and myself (Peter is from the UK) were saying how strange it is that we both seem to have always tried to learn the language of anywhere we go to on holiday, but this has not been the case in Ireland. It is possibly because no one actually speaks Irish here, so it would be likely that no one understands me if I try and speak Irish anyways. But Oh well, I will try and put together my own small phrasebook. It might come in handy when we go on our Easter trip :).

Thank you Peter for all the time you spent with us…it was great knowing you 🙂 Thank you Colette, Sinead and especially Ian for a wonderful Saturday afternoon/Evening.




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20 02 2011

Aw! goodbye Peter 🙂
And btw: are you sure Cecilia is anum dumb does not mean what it seems to? I like that explanation better 😛

20 02 2011

Pretty sure…cos I looked it up 🙂 ________________________________

21 02 2011

Ann, I’m pretty sure that it means what it sounds like 😛

21 02 2011


22 02 2011
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