Gooooo DUBLIN!

20 02 2011

A week or so ago, Ian, from OLV young adult group messaged asking whether anyone would be willing to go to an Irish hurling and football game. These are typical Irish games and attending one has been on my list of things to do since I moved over. So I immediately said yes. Therefore yesterday saw Ian and myself (no one else could make it) making our way to Croke Park. As is fitting with Irish tradition, we went for a pre-match pint at a pub close to the stadium and bought our Dublin Scarves, and then made our way to the stadium and got to our seats.

First up was the Hurling Game: Dublin vs Tipperary. Tipperary were last year’s All Ireland Champions, so they are quite good. With Ian by my side the game started and my questions began. He patiently explained the rules and answered the millions of questions I had (he is a patient guy). The first half was a bit difficult to follow, since fog descended on the pitch and the ball they use is quite small. However I used this time to get more acquainted with the game. By the second half the fog luckily lifted, and I had gotten the basics of the game. It was quite a close game, however Dublin won YEAH! by 1-16 to 1-15. Regarding the scores , the first 1 indicates they had 1 goal, which gives 3 points, whilst the second value (16 for Dublin and 15 for Tipperary) means they had 16/15 scores i.e. they placed the ball over the goal post but between the bars. i.e. overall Dublin 19 – Tipperary 18. But DUBLIN WON!!! yeah.

After the hurling game it was time for the Irish football game between Dublin and the All Ireland Champions, Cork. But before…the entertainment WEEE…who did we get…Jedward…most people either love them (generally teenagers) or hate them. They are also Ireland’s Eurovision entry this year. You can see them singing their Eurovision entry song here yesterday.

In the video you can also see the size of the stadium (35,028 people were there yesterday) and the general atmosphere. I do not even know whether I like them or not. As singers I do not like them, but entertainers they are good I think. They seem to be having a great time and really enjoy what they are doing, and I liked their choice of music. Who can so no to songs like Ghostbusters and Under pressure?

Then came the football game. The rules are roughly similar to hurling…but the ball is larger, you have no hurley and some other things. By this game I had started getting into the rules and could focus on the game more. It also seems that most people are more interested in football than hurling, since it is by this time that most people came in the stadium, and the stadium was largely packed (although the upper stands were not opened…but considering that this is the first year they are holding all games in Croke Park, and the previous venue held up to 10-15,000 spectators, I think it was a good choice to move to this location…this is also an early season game…and a sort of minor league before the actual championship).

The larger number of spectators also made for a much better atmosphere. Well Dublin were in good form. I got to see 3 goals by the Dublin side (generally these are rarer) and Dublin WON! again. Dublin 3-13 Cork 0-16 i.e. overall Dublin 22 – Cork 16. It was a great night, and thank you Ian for taking me. I seem to have brought good luck to the Dublin side yeah. I will certainly be back to watch more games. Dublin hurling and football teams…you have a new supporter 🙂




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20 02 2011

Weee – sounds good!
Am sure Ian must be the most patient guy ever though if he answered all your questions, and you actually understood the game from that 😛

22 02 2011
Who are the Dubs? « My Commentary…

[…] I said previously, last weekend I went to see 2 Irish hurling and football games, with Dublin playing. On the game […]

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