Who are the Dubs?

22 02 2011

As I said previously, last weekend I went to see 2 Irish hurling and football games, with Dublin playing. On the game programme, there were a couple of articles. However one, written by Tom Humphries (Irish Times), really caught my eye. It is called You’re a Dub if…, and gives a couple of facts about what makes people a Dubliner. A couple caught my eye, and I wanted to share with you. At the dinner, after the game, I also discussed them with the other people in the OLV group. Well here goes:

You’re a Dub if…the women in your family go to the shops wearing their pyjamas

Yeps. People here have a weird sense of style. I have seen people wearing pyjama trousers EVERYWHERE. The city centre, shopping, even in church. I cannot understand this phenomenon. According to people in OLV (they find this phenomenon strange too), most Dubs think that putting the pyjama trouser bottom into your boots further elevates your fashion sense. The weird clothing I have seen here. It would be freezing and people are wearing the shortest hot pants or skirts, with no tights or anything. Well, whatever makes them reproduce the most, according to one former lecturer of mine.

…you consider a jacket over your Dubs jersey to be formal wear

…you think that buying a Dubs jersey in anything other than a size too small is a fashion howler

Others to do with clothing. Yeps, tracksuits and ultra casual clothes are the way to go here (there are clothes I would only consider to be suitable to go on a hike with, and perhaps sport training, but not to go to the centre of town.

Those are the ones that particularly struck me. Other interesting/funny ones are:

…you have bags of spuds but southsiders have ‘sex’ of potatoes

This sounds like someone talking with a Maltese accent hihi

…You know that Hugh Hefner is A Heff but that Kevin Hefferman is, ‘The Heff’

…Your mortgage has you broke, but it’s a useful half hour conversation [Oh God have I heard about the recession since I moved here]

…You think safe sex is when you stop the car first

…the opening half hour of Saving Private Ryan reminds you of your days playing junior football

Then there are a couple related to Dublin’s dubious track record in winning in hurling or football games, and their rivalry with Cork

…You once had a poster on your wall with a prayer which began ‘Bless the Dubs O Lord we pray, keep them on their winning way’

…You know for a fact that the GAA [the Irish games association responsible for football and hurling] exists purely as a mechanism for keeping Dublin down

…You tell anybody that asks that the Dubs are the worst ever. That you are never going again. But in your heart this is the year, this is always the year.

Regarding the last, I seem to have brought them luck last weekend. Let’s hope it lasts. I believe this is their year…Oh NOOO I am becoming a Dub 🙂




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