Iranian dancing?!?

28 02 2011

Today it is my friend, Roya’s, birthday, and therefore yesterday she invited a couple of friends to meet up to celebrate. We met at Cafe Topolis in the city centre. With the help of a googlemaps printed map, Ross and myself managed to find the place quite easily. We asked about where the booked table is and they directed us downstairs hmmm. It seemed that Roya had booked the entire lower portion of the restaurant for our use (we were about 30people after all, and that is all that fit). Slowly other people joined us, including Zahra and her husband (and a couple of other Iranian people, who keep confirming my theory that Iranian girls are BEAUTIFUL). We had a great time chatting and then ordered the food. For starters I got to share a minestrone soup, and as main course got the Pizza Roma and got to try the Fettucine al Pollo E Funghi. Both were delicious, but I think the Fettucine were quite better 🙂

After the food however came the part I think I enjoyed the most. The Iranian dancing 🙂 I have been hearing about this. I have seen it being danced on Zahra’s wedding movie and have heard some Iranian music when I went to her house earlier on in the month. The music really get you moving, and I decided what’s the worst that could happen apart from me making a fool of myself? so I plunged in and had a great time. In particular I enjoyed it cos there was a Spanish girl too, who had never done any Iranian dancing. So we just had a great time with our interpretation. We also got a masterclass session with one i=of the Iranian guys who really seemed to know his stuff.

Then it was time for the cake cutting. But that requires a whole set of other dancing….knife dancing. These people really have a great time with everything they do. It was then time to go home, because this morning I wanted to be in Uni early enough. A great night. Thank you Roya. Tavalodet Mobarak. Bia Baghalan 🙂


The Gathering

The Gathering





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28 02 2011

Awww – nothing that exciting ever happens here! Specjlament ghada – fejn kull mhu se naghmel hu hovering u serving nahseb – grrr

27 03 2011
Happy Birthday Zahra :) « My Commentary…

[…] came tea and then obviously the DANCING I had had my first experience of Iranian dancing during Roya’s birthday, and knew what to expect. This time I was happy to see that Monika dived right in to the dancing, […]

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