International Women’s Day

8 03 2011

Today in Ireland (and most parts of the world), two different celebrations coincided. International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday/The day before Lent starts). I got to celebrate both of them. This post is about International Women’s Day, and hopefully you should get another post soon about Pancake Tuesday 🙂

For International Women’s Day I received an email from Zahra, a girl in my lab, about a film screening of The Circle, organised by Amnesty International. It follows the life of a couple of girls who escaped from prison in Iran. It also looked at the different aspects of women cultural experiences in Iran. From talking to the Iranian people there it seems that the movie is a good portrayal of Iranian life at the time it was filmed (more than 10 years ago), but nowadays things have somewhat improved, at least in the middle to upper classes, although at the lower classes portrayed it is still the same way. In a way I think this is true of most movies in that whilst they portray the truth, it is the truth for a small number of people, and it might be exaggerated a bit.

Overall I guess the movie was OK, but I found it a bit one-sided (which is the idea of the director I guess) where only the women’s point of view is given. It is also different to the type of movie we are generally accustomed to in that there is no defined ending, and there is no particular main character, but rather a series of women, whose background is similar, and we see the story follow the different people, similar to a couple of movies in one.

What I liked about the evening? we got served free pizza (not a lot of it, but good enough). What I found strange about the pizza? A couple of people who came, just sat through the movie till the pizza came and then left in the middle of the movie. I found this a bit strange/rude to be honest. But oh well. Each to their own. I also liked the fact that there were Iranian people present and we got to discuss the movie a bit. But only one person seemed to want to talk (there were 5 Iranians there and by the end around 5 non-Iranians). It would have been nice to have an actual discussion.




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