Pancake Tuesday

8 03 2011

Today was my first Pancake Tuesday ever. In Malta we do not have such a day. Probably cos we like to celebrate more, and so have 4 days of Carnival. Why have one day when you can have 4? I had been hearing about this, and was invited to a Pancake Tuesday event at the OLV church, where people from the 6:30 Mass I go to were organizing the event. Basically it worked out as a sort of get together. Pancakes were brought in and we had a couple of drinks and other sweets and we just had a good chat and a good time. I had pancakes with nutella, maple syrup and cream (not all together) and they were delicious MMMMMMMM.

I also enjoyed the conversation, in particular with two German girls, and then the priest joined us, where we discussed a couple of topics, and also how different Irish people are to our cultures. We discussed such aspects as problems in religion and faith, priesthood, Irish drinking and Carnival. I always enjoy talking to Fr Fenton. He is a canon lawyer and knows a good deal about many things, and I feel you can actually have a good discussion about most subjects. It was the first time I really talked to the Germany girls but they are both really nice.

A good day overall 🙂




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