Invited to your home!

16 03 2011

Last Friday I had another activity with the OLV family. This time the whole family and not just the OLV young adult group. Peter was a trainee pastoral worker who spent part of his traineeship at OLV. His traineeship at the parish ended a couple of weeks ago (read more about the OLV young adult group farewell here). However the people of the parish decided to organise a get together for him, and one of the ladies involved in the church, Mary, opened her house for a group from the parish for a small get together for Peter.

I had been uncertain about going, as this was my first activity outside of the OLV young adult group, but with the wider family. But since Colette and Ian were going, and I liked Peter, and Colette was going to pick me up and I had a good rest after the sampling and sample processing I decided to go ahead.

I am glad I went after all. The people were all really welcoming, and we had some good discussions (OK I mainly chatted to Colette…her poor head must have ached a bit after, but I chatted to some other people too). The food was really good too…although I got a bit too much for my liking…I was asked a question which I could not understand quite clearly…I asked to have it repeated again and still could not understand…as usual I tried to guess…and assumed it was…was the food good?…so I replied yes…apparently it was do you want more?…so more food is what I got…though I must not complain too much about that hehe :).

I like the welcoming aspect of the OLV family (and many people in Ireland from what I can see), in that they are very welcoming. Peter, said that this welcome is not something that happens everywhere. And we discussed the aspect of welcoming quite a bit with him. I am glad I made that decision to become involved in the OLV group (although sometimes I think my intentions are not that ‘catholic’).

I also got to meet the new trainee pastoral worker (Mary as well). She has been in the parish for a couple of weeks now. But I have not met her yet. I do not think she is as involved as Peter was, and I doubt she will make it to the 630 Gospel Mass I go to and interact with us. Oh Well. We will see. Peter made a huge impact on us. Will see what Mary has to offer.

Overall a great night, though it got a bit shaky towards the end, where as usual one Irish guy drank a slight bit too much (I think…or maybe it is his nature) and started taking over all conversation with stupid comments. Oh Well.

Thank you Mary for organising the activity, and everyone at OLV for welcoming me 🙂




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