Sampling the Wonders of Kildare: Day 1

23 03 2011

Last weekend I finally got to see the wonders of Kildare 🙂 Ross, who is one of the people in the lab and one of my closest friends in Dublin, invited me over to his family’s home for the weekend. I immediately agreed, and after some postponing due to other things coming up, we finally made it. So Friday evening, after Uni, we collected our bags and off we went to the tiny village (it is a village cos they have a pub I was told) that he calls home.

His mum had prepared a lovely dinner for us (I guess it is called Irish stew), and I got to sample his mum’s apple pie (she prepared it knowing it is one of my favourite) and rhubarb pie. I had never had any rhubarb pie before, but I must say I liked it. So I am glad I went with the option of having a bit of both for dessert. After that it was off to watch some TV, chat and relax, before going to sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up bright an early (compared to them hihi) and tried to tiptoe out of my room to the living room to read a bit without bothering them. But alas a quiet gal I cannot be 🙂 So Ross woke up, we had breakfast and planned our day. Seeing as it was a beautiful day we decided to go for a walk to Glendalough. I am glad we got to make it there, cos it was beautiful. The walk we took (going up along the path and the slightly more adventurous non-pathway way down, where we crossed over the waterfall/stream and went down the other side) was really good exercise and the views were spectacular.

First up was a visit to the round tower and the graveyard there, and then we made our way to the Upper lake. We walked by its side and then proceeded to go somewhat to the top between two mountains (Wicklow mountains). I was going to give up a number of times, but my competitiveness did not allow me to stop midway up. So up and up we went. Here you can see the beautiful photos from the day.

Me at Glendalough

Me at Glendalough


Climbing up to the top

Climbing up to the top


At the top of the waterfall

At the top of the waterfall


Spectacular view before starting the way down

Spectacular view before starting the way down


On the way down we saw a number of cute mountain goats, and on the way back the presence of sheep was certainly not missing. By this time we had been walking for around 2.5hours or so. So we were quite tired and hungry (though Ross took the walk slowly enough for me to keep up 🙂 ). So back to Ross’s house we went through the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow mountains for some well-deserved lunch.

After lunch, we went for another short walk with Abby the dog to the Curragh. Unfortunately no photos were taken here 😦 However you can find a photo I found on the Internet. But the area is even more beautiful than that.


Sheep on the Curragh

Sheep on the Curragh


It is a green area, with quite flat land where the sheep roam free. They have priority and can get onto the road whenever they want to. Motorists beware 🙂

By then we were well-tired. So off home we went for some dinner. After that we plonked ourselves in front of the TV. I found out I know most (or all probably) of the top songs that we are embarrassed to say we like. We chatted in front of the TV till it was time to say goodnight and plonk ourselves to sleep.





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10 04 2011
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