I Won :)

29 03 2011

I Won 🙂 My first competition. Finally. I have always been a bit jealous of my sister who always seems to manage to bag free tickets, competitions etc etc in London. Finally I got my first competition win in Ireland. This morning I received a call from Dublin Events saying that I had won the competition I had entered on their website. I could not really remember entering this particular competition, but knew I had gone through their website before, since it is quite informative about things to do in Ireland, events etc etc.

So what did I win? I got a dinner for 2 and a bottle of House Wine at the Rolys Bistro in Dublin. I am still deciding on who to take with me. I will probably go when my mum and Bernard will be spending some time in Dublin before embarking on our Easter family trip. So shall I take both, or one? And if one who? Suggestions welcome 🙂 I will tell you how things went and who I decided to go with when I get to go.




3 responses

29 03 2011

pick Me… pick MEEEE!

29 03 2011

You will not be here long enough to be picked. Sorry. You should have come here earlier, on a night when we will actually be in Dublin.

16 04 2011
Mum & Bee in Dublin: Day 1 « My Commentary…

[…] centre, went through Grafton Street and then proceeded to Roly’s Bistro for the dinner I had won from the Dublin Events website. The dinner was exquisite. I had smoked chicken, asparagus and […]

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