Mum & Bee in Dublin: Day 1

16 04 2011

So my dear mum and Bernard arrived safe and sound in Dublin last Thursday night. It was past midnight by the time we were back in the apartment, so we just placed the precious gbejniet in the fridge, put on pyjamas and went to sleep. Friday we woke up (actually they did not really feel like waking up, so I had to promise them that I will buy breakfast if they came out of bed within 5 seconds. Luckily it worked. So I took them to the lab, showed them around and then had breakfast at the Uni canteen. At this point I had to say my goodbyes, so they headed for the city centre and I went to the lab to do some work.

Mum and Bee visited Christchurch Cathedral and Dublinia. They said they liked them both, especially Christchurch Cathedral. At this point I had finished the work I wanted to do in the lab and went to join them. We had a small lunch at Subway and proceeded to walk to the Guinness Storehouse. The Guinness Storehouse is quite pricey to get into, however the visitor centre is really nice and well worth the money (even for someone who does not like the taste of Guinness). They give a history of the Guinness Factory, information about making Guinness and also information about advertising and marketing. An advert I really liked was this from the 1950s 🙂

We also got to pour our own pints and got a certificate YEAH (well Bernard did not cos he did not feel like doing it haha). We also got a photo for our master brewer card 🙂

Us at the Guinness Storehouse

Us at the Guinness Storehouse

After that we walked to the city centre, went through Grafton Street and then proceeded to Roly’s Bistro for the dinner I had won from the Dublin Events website. The dinner was exquisite. I had smoked chicken, asparagus and parmesan salad as a starter (not sure if it is the right name), followed by Traditional Kerry Lamb And Vegetable Pie With Roasted Parsnip And Thyme  as a main course and Roly’s Vanilla Crème Brulee With Apple And Cinnamon Muffin, With White Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert. Bernard had prawn cocktail to start, Grilled Fillet Of Irish Beef, Garlic And Rosemary Fondant Potato, Cracked Black Pepper And Brandy Cream as a main and Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake With White Chocolate Ice Cream, and mum had Pan- Seared Bantry Bay Scallops With Roly’s Cured Salmon, Fennel Salad And Citrus Dressing for starters, the beef for main course (like Bee) and no dessert as she was full. The service was impeccable, the food was mouthwatering and we were positively happily stuffed at the end. The price is a bit too expensive for me to visit regularly, but it is well worth the cost of everything. I will definitely be back some time, on a special occasion when I need to celebrate and event.

After dinner we came back to the apartment. Then myself and Bernard changed quickly to go to Monika’s apartment for a house party she was organising with her apartment mates. I did not feel like it (we had walked A LOT) on that day (more than 7.5 km according to Google Maps). But it was well worth it as I enjoyed myself tremendously.

A Group of us at the house party

A Group of us at the house party

By the time I got back home I was dead tired but happy 🙂

That is all for now. Will be back soon (PS: to Mrs Brincat who I know will read this…Bee iridni nikteb il blog halli jehles milli joqod jibatlek messagg twiiiiillll hafna :)…sorry wasalt sa hawn biss, ima nittama li nikteb iktar daqt. Hawnhekk kollox sew. PS 1 minghandi: jien inkun Malta mit-2 sas-7 ta’ Gunju, PS 2: Meta gejja zzurni? ).




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16 04 2011

And there I was worrying that you were going to go hungry in Dublin 😛

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