Mum & Bee in Dublin: Days 2-4

19 04 2011


Not much happened, since this was shopping day 🙂 We just (or mainly I just) spent lots of money. Got new shoes, jeans, tops and I do not know what else. But that is OK, cos my wardrobe needed some updating especially summer stuff, since I did not have many summer clothes considering I arrived here in October (PS: contrary to what you might think Irish summer clothes consist of when you walk through Dublin during the ‘warmer’ days of April, no short shorts, crop tops or sleeveless tops made it to my wardrobe). That evening we went for a walk at the park near my residence, had dinner at Eddie Rockets (with an Oreo Milkshake for Bernard) and went to sleep.

Day 3: HOWTH!

On Sunday we visited Howth. We caught the bus to the city centre and then another to Howth. Howth is a peninsula jutting out of the Irish coast onto the Irish sea:



The bus took us to the summit, and off walking we went along the cliffs. Unfortunately, instead of going left we turned right, and therefore we got the longer route. And most of it was not scenic. However the scenic part we saw was really beautiful, with cliffs all around and beautiful scenery. Bernard and myself also spotted a couple of houses we will be willing to buy 🙂 Of course they are out of our price range, but you can always hope 🙂 We then walked (and walked) until we reached Howth Harbour and visited a tiny market there, where I bought some sundried tomato pesto and Pesto Genovese, some sweet pastries and then bought lunch from a Lebanese stand, which was quite good. After that we took a walk round the harbour, and saw what I had been looking for. THE SEALS 🙂

One of the Seals (photo not taken by me)

One of the Seals (photo not taken by me)

We got to see 2 seals, who kept coming up and down, and were fat, splodgy and cute 🙂 You just want to go and swim with them 🙂 After that we got the bus back home, went to mass and then cooked dinner of pasta with the tomato pesto, followed by apple crumble and custard for dessert 🙂


On Monday, I went to Uni for a bit, and then joined mum and Bernard where we walked to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin. We went through them and found out we were there for more than an hour and a half. There is so much to see, and the place is so nice. I would suggest that they do some cleaning of the river bed though, as the presence of shoes, bottles, kegs and bicycle wheels in the middle of the river passing through the Botanic Gardens jars with the remainder of the peaceful environment. The tulips, which were in bloom, were beautiful however, and I hope to be back to see the rose garden in bloom :). After that we walked (Yes walked…cos HRH BB wanted to walk) to the city centre, where we had lunch, did some more shopping and then went home. By this time it was after 7:30pm, so we cooked some dinner. Out choice fell on Cecilia’s pie. It was delicious. A base of bread drizzled with olive oil, covered by a thin layer of tomato pesto and tomato sauce paste, covered by a layer of minced beef, onion and mushrooms, covered by another thin layer of tomato pesto and tomato sauce paste and topped with full fibre mashed potatoes and some cheese. MMMMM. It was really good, but no place remained for dessert, so we will eat it today 🙂

Today is Day 5. We are taking it easy, cos today Ann, Michael, Michele and Stephen are joining us to start our Easter trip. We need to wash clothes, I need to pack etc etc. Kerry beware 🙂 The Fenechs are on their way.




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