Fenechs et al in Ireland: Arrival in Dublin and on to Kerry

27 04 2011

After the 4 days with Bee and Mum in Dublin, my sister Ann, her boyfriend Michael, my brother Stephen and his fiancee Michele came to Ireland. First up were Ann and Michael, who came to Uni where I showed them around the lab and we had some lunch before going to my apartment to pick up all our luggages to make our way to the airport where we met Stephen and Michele on arrival, and went to the car hire desk to get our car. Things went smoothly and off we went to our first B&B: Kilburn House.

Kilburn House

Kilburn House

As you can see, Kilburn House is situated in an area of greenery. However it is not too far away from the nearby village Milltown (2mins by car maximum). They have a couple of cows and two really cute and playful dogs, Brandy and Bailey. Brandy (the smaller dog) is a bundle of energy who gets really jealous of any attention given to Bailey. Bailey is the most good humored dog ever, cos I would never put up with Brandy constantly jumping on me 🙂

The Cows

The Cows

Brandy and Bailey

Brandy and Bailey

We settled in to our rooms, and off we went for some dinner at a nearby pub: Larkins.

Dinner at Larkins

Dinner at Larkins

We chatted a lot, made the waiter (James) blush a couple of times and had a good time. But by now we were tired, so off home we went to make plans for the next day and sleep.

PS: I would like to emphasize that these photos have not been taken by myself, but by my sisters bf Michael, who is much more capable than me 🙂




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