Fenechs et al in Ireland: Kerry Days contd

28 04 2011

On our second day in Kerry, we again started our day with a delicious breakfast. Then we made our way to the car as today was the ring of Kerry day. I had often heard about how beautiful this place is, but in all honesty had expected it to be all made up hype. But it was a really enjoyable day. The fact that we had great weather certainly helped. But look at these photos (taken by Michael 🙂 ), and see for yourself. My suggestion to others taking on the Ring of Kerry: go to Valentia Island, go a bit away form the main roads, and you will be rewarded. Our 30min detour turned into at least 1.5hours and it was really great fun:

First up was the Kerry Bog Village Museum, where we got to see the Irish Wolfhound, and enormous specimen of a dog. We also got to see the way that people lived in bygone eras. The museum is not much, but quite interesting nonetheless, especially if you read the information available, as you may be able to understand how these people lived. After that we did not visit any other museum, but just enjoyed the views:

The Vast and Expansive Ferry Terminal for Valentia:

Valentia Island Terminal

Valentia Island Terminal

Views from Valentia Island:

The whole family on Valentia

The whole family on Valentia

Apparently there is a Top Toilet Award…we must say that this toilet is truly deserving. Whilst there Michele noticed that the hand dryer was not working. A lady who was there cleaning said that it was working that morning and that it could not be and that she needs to call somoene to fix it ASAP. Whilst having some snacks outside, i.e. within 10mins, someone in an Electricity Department van came and fixed it. We are truly impressed.

Top Toilet

Top Toilet

On the beach, where we paddled in the Atlantic for the first time (OK wet our feet), I had a surprise message (thanks to Bee 🙂 ) and we saw what we concluded to be (lots of) fish eggs, but we are not so sure are we:

Sand art especially for me

Sand art especially for me

Fish Eggs?

Fish Eggs?

At one of the last towns we had some dinner (lunch was sandwiches and fruit) and then made our way to the B&B where we just freshened up and made our way to church for the Maundy Thursday service at Milltown. After church it was straight to bed. A successful day 🙂




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28 04 2011
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[…] I think the Dingle peninsula, though beautiful in its own right, is not as impressive as the ring of Kerry. However it might have to do with the weather being a bit less bright than the previous day, and us […]

30 04 2011

You should update the post with what the ‘fish eggs’ really are 😛

2 05 2011
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[…] made 7 in total) descended on Ireland towards the end of April. My sister has already written about all that we did on her blog, so I won’t bore you with all the details of what we did when. […]

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