Fenechs et al in Ireland: our last Kerry Day

28 04 2011

Friday arrived, and with it our last full day in Kerry. We decided to make our way to the Dingle peninsula, where we made our first stop at Dingle, where we walked around the town, visited some shops and went to the farmers’ market. What was really surprising at this farmers’ market is that no one gives anything to taste, which is completely opposite to what we say in Howth, where everyone was offering samples. There was even one (rude in my opinion) lady who as we passed by kept putting some of the food in her mouth and going MMMMMMM MMMMM. We did not buy anything (we had had a huge breakfast as usual and it being Good Friday we were not going to eat sweets were we?). However I always enjoy going to such markets, and it is a pity there is not one close to DCU (or at least one that I know of). There were also lots of brightly painted and nicely decorated houses/shops in Dingle, which I really enjoyed 🙂

A Cool House in Dingle

A Cool House in Dingle

However we could not stay in Dingle all day long, so off we went to do the Dingle peninsula. I think the Dingle peninsula, though beautiful in its own right, is not as impressive as the ring of Kerry. However it might have to do with the weather being a bit less bright than the previous day, and us having seen enough of the Kerry countryside, and the lots and lots of sheep (we saw lots of lambs which were quite cute, but there is an extent to the OOHHHH factor I guess).

Hills of Sheep

Hills of Sheep

We also made it to the Blasket Museum. It is quite an interesting museum, especially hearing about all the culture that came out of these small Islands and all that is now missed due to them having to evacuate the islands. I would be devastated if I ever have to evacuate my Island of Malta…but I understand what a harsh life they led.

At this point we made it back to Dingle, where we attended the Good Friday service at the Dingle church. The service was long (too long and dragging) for my liking…and for all of us in the group. But it served a purpose in one aspect for me. After the service we had dinner in Dingle and made our way to the B&B where we settled down for our last night there.

The next morning, we woke up to another gut busting breakfast and made our way to Galway, catching the ferry at Tarbert Island, where we said goodbye to the Kerry experience.

On the ferry: Leaving dock

On the ferry: Leaving dock

Once again: thank you Michael for the photos 🙂




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28 04 2011

I am jealous of you Cecilia. I wish I could spent one week with Gholamvands (specifically my 2 little brothers) here. Anyway I am so happy for you dear.

2 05 2011
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