Fenechs et al in Ireland: Goodbye Galway…Goodbye Ireland

29 04 2011

Our last day in Galway, Easter Monday, dawned. After our breakfast we decided to head to Dublin for my family’s last day in Ireland. We dropped our luggage at my apartment and then headed to Dublin City centre, where our first stop was LUNCH :). After that we did some shopping (we needed to update my sister’s wardrobe, so Bernard, Michele, mum and myself set on that task, whilst my bro and her boyfriend scuttled off). We managed to make her spend quite a lot of money (Ireland needs to recuperate its economy) and I again ended up buying some stuff. That occupied most of the afternoon. After that we went back to my apartment where we relaxed a bit and discussed plans for my brother’s wedding in August, and we booked accomodation for our stays in Tallinn (for my, Ann’s, Michael’s, Bernard’s and mum’s pre wedding trip) and Helsinki, where my brother is getting married.

We then went to Eddie Rockets since Bernard had been wanted and Oreo Milkshake and then came back home to sleep :). 7 people managed to successfully sleep in my room (and in comfort I must say). Thanks to Monika and Rachel (my apartment mate) who supplied me with inflatable mattresses and David (my other apartment mate, who offered but there was no place to put any more). We had a short night’s sleep, cos at 4:45 am we all woke up to go to the airport.

Thankfully all flights were within a short time frame, so we got the car and headed towards the airport. We dropped off Stephen and Michele (departure 7:10am to Helsinki), Mum and Bernard (departure 7:20am to Malta) and Ann (departure 7:30am to Berlin). Then Michael and myself took the car to the car hire place, which opens at 6am, and dropped off the car. No issues there wippie 🙂 We were then dropped off at the airport where I said goodbye to Michael (departure 8:15am to London) and I got the bus back to DCU, where I snuggled back into bed for a couple more hours of sleep before heading back to Uni to get back to my daily routine.

Overall, I must say it was a really successful trip, especially considering it was our first trip as a family in ages, and the first ever with the extended family. I was expecting it to be much more stressful, which it was not, and I think everyone had a great time. The next time we will all be together is at my brother’s wedding in August. However we are already planning our next family Easter trip in 2 years’ time. Destination: Unknown. Depending on where the different components of this family are (which is not easy to say 🙂 ).

Thank you all for coming to visit 🙂 Come again 🙂




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30 04 2011

Weee – thanks for writing the blog posts! Now I don’t have to…or I can write about other things about the trip 🙂

2 05 2011
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