Fenechs et al in Ireland: in Galway

29 04 2011

In our first (and only) full day in Galway, we decided to visit Connemara, and more specifically Kylemore Abbey. But before leaving to make our way there, we were informed by our Danish informant that the Easter bunny had successfully made the trip to Galway. So he left to meet up with him in the nearby park whilst we finished our breakfast. We then went to the park where we went on our Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

I am pleased to say that I found the most eggs (7 small, 3 big), followed by Bernard (8 small, 2 big). The others trailed miserably behind. So I guess Bernard and I make a good team…goooo team 🙂 Happy with our chocolates, we made our way to Kylemore abbey. Where we got to meet the Easter Bunny ourselves:

Kylemore Easter Bunnies

Kylemore Easter Bunnies

Apart from the Easter bunnies, Kylemore is really breath taking, as can be seen below:

Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey

We took a tour of the Abbey, had tea in the tea house, walked around the vast area and visited the walled garden (followed a tour organised by Mr Bernard Brincat himself and his ‘posh’ accent). After a couple of hours here, we then started our way back, taking the long route through Clifden, and then back to Galway, where we headed back to town for some lunch/dinner, and walked round for a bit.

In the evening, mum, Stephen and Michele went home early as they were tired, but all of us remaining wanted to take in Galway for just a bit more, and so we stayed in town. At 9:30pm we however made our way to The Crane where we got to experience some great Irish music in the upstairs room, which was really nicely decorated (simple but nice) with candles. We got chatting to the people around us whilst waiting for the music to start (being Ireland it started more than 30minutes late I think). However we had around 8 musicians, most of which switched instruments continuously. The music was great, the atmosphere was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. Have a listen yourselves. The quality is not really that good, but you can get an idea of the amount of people playing, the amount of people listening and the general atmosphere.

We were all tired but tried to stay as long as possible, but when they stopped for a 30minute break we decided to head home to our beds.




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