Names in Malta

3 05 2011

One of the news items today on the Times of Malta was on the most common names given to babies born in Malta in 2010. Now some of them I can understand, but some I can really not see any reason why anyone would want to name their child this way. And these are names in the top 20 in Malta, so quite a lot of people name their children that way. Who would want to be called Rihanna or Shania (for goodness sake you cannot even say Shania is still all that popular). For the guys it gets even worse, with names like Kaiden, Aiden and Jaiden all making the top 20 (separate entries). And then Denzel and Danzil??!!!??! and Keiran. At least get the name right It should be Kieran or better still Ciaran as I have learnt here in Ireland where the name originated I believe.

Where do they get all these names from? I cannot understand how they become so popular. I can understand them being somewhere down the bottom, but at the top. That was truly a surprise. But hey, we are in Malta, where children have been actually named Cleavage, Dyslexia, Cleverson or a myriad others.

I personally also have a problem with names that are in the top 20 or the top whatever. For me names should be standard names, which everybody knows but I wouldn’t want to be called one of the top 20 names. I like Cecilia just fine thank you very much.

On a good note, some of the names which featured are actually quite nice, such as Elena, Eliza, Hannah and Julia for girls. I did not particularly like any of the names for guys perhaps Matthew, Benjamin and Andre? But I am not too sure about that. Oh Well..each to their own.




4 responses

3 05 2011

You got some of your stats wrong :PAiden and Jaden were not in the top 20 in 2010 (though they were in 2009 :-/)

3 05 2011

Yes they were in 2010…reread the article :S

3 05 2011

Ah no – missed a fullstop – oops!

3 05 2011

I like Luke, Daniel and James! (or at least they are decent!)

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