Happy Birthday Ross :)

7 05 2011

Yesterday it was Ross’ birthday, so we all got invited to his apartment for a BBQ. Unfortunately the weather was not that nice :(, but we moved the BBQ cooking to the oven inside, and just did some kebabs on the actual BBQ. But who need a BBQ when you have good friends? I went up a bit earlier to help out a bit with the preparations, but Norah, his apartment mate had everything under control, so there was not much for me to do. (Not that I am complaining about that :P). So I went back home (i.e. down a flight of stairs) to change and returned for the party portion.

People started coming, and I think it was a good number of people. We ate (Nora/Ross’ famous potato salad, Zahra’s great salads, small nibbles, burgers, sausages…you name it we had it)….a lot. There was food to feed an army. But oh well. Isn’t that the way with all parties? Norah and Ross were on cooking duty during the party, Nora (there are 2 of them…notice the H hehe) was on cocktail duty and the rest of us…chilled 🙂 and chatted and ate 🙂 Most of Ross’s friends are also good friends of mine, so it was a really enjoyable evening.

After all of us were stuffed to the brim came the desserts. We had a cake and then lots of party pieces (75 pieces in all hehe…thanks to Iceland). They were actually quite good, especially the profiteroles, which I loved. After some more chatting, the night was coming to an end. I helped them with the cleaning out (a bit haha) and then made my way home. It was a truly enjoyable evening…can we have another one soon?

Happy birthday Ross…hope you enjoyed your bday party as much as we did 🙂




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7 05 2011

Happy birthday Ross!

7 05 2011

hehehe dont worry, we will have another one so close, “Ali’s Birthday on 19th July” yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Iranian style BBQ and dancing.

7 05 2011

Weee I like the idea of Ali’s birthday…but we will be in Germany :(…we should celebrate the week before (the week after I will be in Malta until Wed :(…or do it after Wed haha)

7 05 2011

Hmm – maybe I should plan to gatecrash Ali’s party (i.e. come even if I am not invited :P). I have heard so much about Iranian parties!

7 05 2011

I think I forgot Germany again, I have terrible memory. We can manage it sooner.

8 05 2011
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