Cabaret Revolution

8 05 2011

Every Friday I receive an email from Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) giving an overview of all free events in the coming week happening within Dublin. I always go through it to find something I might like. There is also another section of competitions, for which free tickets are provided to 2 or so readers of the guide, for a paid event. Last Friday, there was a competition for Saturdays show of Cabaret Revolution by Rose Lawless. I sent an email and to my surprise I received a message that night whilst at Ross’ birthday party that I had won the tickets WEEEEE :).

Therefore yesterday I messaged Monika to ask if she would like to join me and luckily she said yes, so off we went to the show. We were not exactly sure of what to expect, although I had looked her up online. We got to Les Cafe des Irlandais, since the show was held in the Matchbox Theatre in the ‘basement’ of this Cafe. We had a drink (after waiting for around 15minutes at the bar…very efficient bartendering heqqq hmmm) and then made our way to the theatre once the door opened.

They had us on the guest list so it was not a problem to go in, and in we went, got our free glass of wine (included in the ‘price’) and found a seat. The theatre was organised as sort of small round tables and scattered chairs, which made the theatre feel quite relaxed and homely. Although quite small, the theatre was packed with people, and every imaginable space was occupied by someone sitting down.

The show started, and we did not have any idea of what to expect. However it was much better than I could have imagined. Rose Lawless has a really good voice, made us laugh over and over again and interacted with the audience quite a bit. Congrats must also go to the pianist who was accompanying her…Julia I think…who performed a brilliant job. Overall I really liked the show (and Monika too). Here is a short video from one of her shows:

You can also listen to some of her songs here.

Rose kept us entertained all night, and the time flew by. The only thing I did not really like overall was the invitation to a guy who worked hard on the show in the background to sing a song. His singing/guitar playing was not that bad or anything, but it jarred with the flow of the show. I can understand why he was included, but perhaps he could have done his thing in the interval or something.

Overall…a brilliant show. The only pity was that it was her last show there. So I cannot tell you to go to the next show. But look her up and do attend her  shows. Monika and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we couldn’t make ourselves leave when we should have left to get the bus, as we wanted to stay till the end. This meant that we had to run to the bus stop (a 20 minute walk or so away), and managed to get the bus in the nick of time…thank God for other people waiting at the bus stop :).

So Thank you Dublin Event Guide and Rita Lawless for a really great evening. The songs will remain with me however, as I have been humming some of them all day today 🙂 My favourite songs must be the last song (You’re the One), her hilarious rap and the Dan song.  You’re the one…You’re the one 🙂




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