Malta Day one: Beginnings

9 06 2011

After our lab meeting where Cec was told that apparently she’s a cheap skate we left DCU. When we left at around  one it was really sunny and warm we had to take off our jumpers on our walk to the bus. I had my sexy new hand luggage and Zahra had a monster of a suitcase. I don’t know what was in it but it was heavy. We met Ali at the airport and he was carrying two more bags.  We had slight delays getting the Iranians through check-in and security with over loaded bags and misplaced passports but we got there. We waited at the gate for Zahra to buy perfume so Cec and I took our place in the queue and let Zahra and Ali skip in front of us. I was paranoid that they would check my bag size and say it was too big but luckily they didn’t. Cec the cunning maltese  girl got us great seats up front in the plane so I could fit my lanky legs. We slept and played hang man on the plane for a while and Zahra had her four sugar coffee.

We landed 10 mins early but had to wait 10 mins for Z and A to fill out some immigration paperwork. Cec and I went straight out to the arrivals to be greeted by Bernard and Cec’s mum while Zahra and Ali got their luggage. I was expecting more of a romantic embrace with Cec and Bernard but that didn’t happen.  Zahra Ali and I went here mums car and cec went with Bernard for some alone time. We arrived at the Fenech household ten minutes later. The house was really big and nicely decorated. We were shown to our rooms. I was to be put in Stephen Fenech’s room in Cec’s bed (Side note from Cecilia: I was not sleeping in my bed, hence Ross could sleep in it). It was complicated! The room was really nice and spacious though. We then went down to the kitchen for some home cooked grub which consisted of vegetable broth which Cec complained was too hot and some nice stuffed marrow which I had never had before.  It was lovely but according to Cec I say everything is lovely so u can’t go by me.

Then Cecilia and Bernard gave us a tour of Mdina (the original fortified city) by night which was great. I preferred it at night as it was nice and cool, everything was floodlit and there was no sun to burn me! The views were great from the top of the fortifications. We then got a driving tour of the coasts, forts and ports of Malta.  Bernard pointed out all the work he was supervising on the roads and let me tell you they needed work. I thought Irish roads were bad but Malta is in a different league altogether. It was really nice and our tour guides were very informative and helpful. We were quite tired so we went home and went to bed.

Mdina by Night

Mdina by Night

By Ross O’Dwyer




5 responses

9 06 2011

Yeay to Ross! You should blog more often though! This is hilarious 😀
And pff to Cecilia saying that you think everything is lovely…clearly you don’t think Maltese roads are!

9 06 2011
Cecilia Fenech

He says all food is lovely…whenever I make him lunch or dinner he says…this is lovely 🙂

9 06 2011

NOOOOOOO Ann, he shouldn’t. He is not writing nice quotes about me, I think he doesn’t like me 😉 Hopefully he will write something good about my cook at least 😦

9 06 2011
Cecilia Fenech

I am sure he will…if not next time don’t cook for him haha…I will happily eat my portion and his 🙂

16 06 2011
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