Day Four: Its Gozo time

12 06 2011

After another early start Stephen drove Zahra, Ali and Marilyn (Ann and Cec’s friend) to the other end of Malta (about an hour away) to get the ferry over to Gozo. I went over with Cec and Bernard. Bernard wasn’t feeling too well but he still drove us and stayed with us. The other had gotten the ferry before us so were already in Gozo when we got to the ferry terminal. We parked the car and went for a quick walk around the quays where Bernard made Cec scream with fright (Nothing new there) [Evil Ross 😦 you don’t like me either :(]. We then hopped back in the car and drove onto the ferry. The ferry was larger than I was expecting and only took about 20 mins. It was quite cloudy so I couldn’t get any nice pics of Comino the small island between Malta and Gozo.  We then disembarked and drove to the main town in Gozo, Victoria or as the locals call it Rabat. We met up with the others and I finally got to try the famous pastizzi. It’s a pastry filled with cheese. It was perfect for me as I was feeling a bit peckish.



Then we walked up to the main church to have a look around but there was a mass on so we had a walk around the battlements and took some pics. We then went back to the church and had a gander at the interior.

We then drove to this place (Cec help) for some lunch [Ta’ Kenuna]. It was a nice restaurant which in a little village that had some great views of the countryside. Cec and I had risotto romano which was a chicken and bacon risotto in a cream sauce. Now I hate to leave food behind but it was just too much for me. Cec left more than me so I won! [Congratulations Ross…you get a medal :P] We then changed into our togs (or as the others like to call them swimming costumes) and headed for secluded harbour area where we lay on some concrete and I got burnt through the clouds. After one failed attempt at entering the water Cec never one to give up got in again and her sister and brother soon joined. I thought I’d let the Fenechs bond [Excuses excuses Ross]. Zahra went in to wet her toes and then later for a swim. Poor Ali slipped on the way in and hit his head but still went in.

Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay: Inland Sea

[We also looked at the Azure Window…unfortunately the weather was not too nice so it was not really blue, but here is the whole group…except me…infront of this natural beauty].

Azure Window

Azure Window

We then went to a coastal town where we got some ice-cream. The flavour selection was pretty diverse but my chocolate orange was gone [Boohoofoo]. I shouldn’t have let that kid order before me. Anyway then we went to see the salt pans which were holes that had been dug to evaporate off the sea water so that salt would remain at the bottom [Actually we went to see the salt pans before hand hihi].  We also saw some crabs and sea urchins (which apparently goes well with pasta) [Next trip we will find a restaurant that cooks them and you will have to eat them MUHAHAHAHAHA].

We then headed to the ferry terminal but much to Bernard’s annoyance there was a detour in place except the detour wasn’t signposted. So  after a nice alternative view of Gozo we made it back to the ferry (a double-decker). We then left the love birds to it while we stayed put and watched the views. I then switched cars with Marilyn and went back to the Fenechs. Marilyn was dropped off home and the lovers joined us [First you complain that our embrace was not ”romantic”, and then you comment when we spend time together…you are never happy are you :P].

We had the aunts famous Ravoli which Cec had be talking up over the past couple of months. It lived up to its expectations though [WEEEE go aunties]. It was delicious. It was topped with a tomato and onion sauce and grated gbejna. Pure perfection. Thankfully Ali and Zahra weren’t too hungry so I got their leftovers [Such a nice friend :P]. The plan was to play some board games and then maybe go for a walk around Zurrieq but that didn’t come to pass as we were too tired. Instead we just watched TV while Zahra and Ali packed for their flight to Rome the next morning.

By Ross O’Dwyer




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