Day Five: Byes, Fenech swimming, Crafts village,

14 06 2011

I awoke to the sound of a hair dryer. Ann was getting her done in the house by the Fenech’s personal hair dresser. Zahra and Ali were taking their flight to Rome :(. So we dropped them to the airport and said our goodbyes we then went to the lovely fishing village of Marsaxlokk. The weather was really nice. As Zahra said she left us the nice weather. I had a look around the touristy stalls and bought a little figure of a traditional fishing boat.

Marsaxlokk Bay

Marsaxlokk Bay

We went to visit the ancestral home of the Fenech’s. Cec’s three aunts live in this huge house with a lovely garden in the old part Zurrieq. Ann was there already rocking her new hairstyle. Only two of the aunts were there at the time. All three are aunts are used for their cookery and sewing skills [And for their wonderful company too :)]. We had some Kinnie and torta stuffed with peas. It was great. I got to see some pics of the twins when they were young. It was difficult to tell them apart.

We then dropped in on Bernard and his Dad and their boat. I was then given a “choice” of “more battlements” in the three cities or a refreshing swim so judging by the facial expression of Cec I “chose” swimming. After a making a quick phone call to their mum where the sisters ordered her to get ready for swimming. We then went to the house for a quick change into our swimmers and we were off to Ghar Lapsi. The water looked lovely and clear. It was strange for me to get into the sea where the water is up shoulders straight away. I think the Fenechs found the water a bit too cold but for me it was much warmer than the Atlantic Ocean. We were treading water for a bit which was also unusual for me. It’s normally so cold that we have to keep moving! It was nice relaxing though.

At Ghar Lapsi

At Ghar Lapsi

After our swim and moving the lazy dog that fell asleep behind the car we went home for a quick shower and headed to Mdina Glass to look for presents. There was a huge selection of colourful artistic glassware. You could even see how they made the glass. We then walked to the craft village where Bernard found a plastic banana for 2 euro! We then went to get Cec’s ear re-pierced. After the third shop we managed to find a place that would do it. Cec put on her brave face in front of a scared little girl who was going to have her ears pierced. We then went to a supermarket to stock up on gbejna [Gbejna is definitely the one food item I miss most from Malta, and the one thing I always stock up on when I go home/people come visit]. I got one of each flavour. Then it was off to pick up Bernard’s ukulele. That’s right I said ukulele.

We then headed home to doll ourselves up for a nice and last dinner out :(. I finally got to wear my shirt! [Are you implying that we did not take you to enough fancy places?…next time it is high class Malta all the way :P] We went to this lovely restaurant called Ferretti by the sea at Birzebbugia. I got to have the stuffed squid that Cec had told me about but unfortunatetly it wasn’t stuffed with salmon but rice [Yet still the same prices as if stuffed by salmon, which I think is a bit stupid in hindsight but Oh Well]. It was really good though. For starters we shared a garlic ciabatta with rocket and parma ham. Delicious! Cec had an interesting dessert of lemon sorbet in a hollowed out lemon. The rest of us went for yummy banoffi pie. It was great evening. I am now the unpaid wedding planner for the Fenech-Brincat wedding of 2014/15.

Ross's Dinner

Ross's Dinner

The hosts

The hosts

Beauty and the Beast (figure out who is who :P)

Beauty and the Beast (figure out who is who :P)

When we got home we were pretty tired so went to bed early enough.

By Ross O’ Dwyer




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