Day six: Home time :( and Final Thoughts

14 06 2011

We got up early enough as we had to be at the airport at 10:30am for Ann’s flight to Luton. We said our goodbyes and headed straight through security. We had no trouble there. It was definitely a lot easier than security at Dublin Airport. We were two hours early for our flight but on time for Ann’s. We queued up with her until we could go no further. We then went to our gate where we got to the top of the non –priority queue but didn’t get our front seats. We got seats beside sweaty mc sweaterson . It was depressing landing in Dublin with the clouds and cold [It definitely was 😦 :(] after our great weekend .

Finally thoughts: 

Overall it was great holiday. Malta is a great place to visit as it’s steeped in history and the people our lovely. My highs were the temples, Mdina by night, swimming with the Fenechs, Seaside reataurant and the fishing village. My lows were getting burnt but apparently I can’t avoid that. I’d like to thank all the Fenechs for their wonderful family [Thank you…I chose my family especially to make you happy with them :P] especially Cec’s Mum for putting up with all of us. I’d also like to thank Bernard for driving us around and being our tour guide. Ann it was great to finally have a conversation with you and you’re as nice as you sounded on Gmail chat. Also want to thank Stephen for giving up his room for me. Zahra and Ali , it was great to a have you with us your cooking and company made the trip great. Last but not least I have to thank Cec for inviting me without her the whole trip wouldn’t be possible. She’s a great host , tour guide and lab mate [WEEEEEEEEE]. I will definitely be back to Malta [OH NOOOOO!!!!!!! LOL…you are welcome whenever you want].

By Ross O’Dwyer




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14 06 2011

Hmm…seems like there are some iffy people flying from Malta! I got stuck near a guy reeking of cigarettes. Luckily there were other free seats so when I could I moved somewhere else.

Glad we got to meet Ross too! 😀

16 06 2011
Weekend Country Hopping « Rantings from Afar

[…] Weekend over it was time for me to return to London while Michael spent two weeks in Denmark. However, once back in London I started to get a bit fidgety, and finally settled on going to Malta the weekend coming! This turned out to be a good thing as my sister was in Malta with friends, and my brother was going to Malta for some work. This meant that we ended up being 7 people (mum, 3 kids + 3 of my sister’s friends) at home! We must have driven my mum crazy! I am so glad I went back. I really enjoyed my time there and returned to London with an enthusiasm for work. I won’t say much about it but one of my sister’s friends, Ross, guest-blogged on my sister’s blog. So go over there to check it out! […]

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