22 06 2015

One of the reasons I wanted to re-start my blog is that my Bernard and I have recently applied, and got an allotment. Therefore, I wanted to use this blog to track the progress we have done. When we got the allotment it was in quite a bad shape, but luckily super mum was visiting last week, and on Monday she spent a whole 4 hours removing weeds. This cleared about 1/3 of the worst grass so YEAH to mum for starting us off quite well. Unfortunately, we do not have photos of the site before we started clearing, but in the following photo you can see two of our compost bins, which are completely packed with grass we have cut till now (and there is a lot).

The compost bins & water butt (water butt thanks to freegle :) )

The compost bins & water butt (water butt thanks to freegle 🙂 )

Myself and Bernard then spent around 2hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday, clearing out the site further, defining the edges, preparing compost bins etc. and then yesterday started sowing the first two mini-plots. The first is our ‘legume plot’ with peas, french beans & runner beans, and the second should be our brassicas, but I did not figure out that we had brassicas, so it has beetroot & courgette.

Allotment after Sunday's Work, with the two mini-plots already sown.

Allotment after Sunday’s Work, with the two mini-plots already sown.

Then, today we went back to the site and have prepared the next 2 plots. The first is our ‘allium’ plot, with spring onions & lettuce and the other is our ‘roots’, which contains carrot, radish, turnip (yep I know it is a brassica, but I forgot about it yesterday) and potatoes (we re-planted some potatoes we found when digging up the land…will see if they grow).

Further work completed today.

Further work completed today.

As you can see, towards the back of our cleared part of the plot we have some grass and tyres. The tyres are thanks to a neighbour at the allotment (she also gave us some pallets), who told us that if we pile up the grass and root pieces and cover with some plastic, this will turn the piles to compost, and the heat created can ‘sterilise’ the compost faster from the roots…so the plan for one of our next visits is to cover the piles of grass with plastic and use the tyres and some stones to weigh the plastic down.

What else is next?…we have all this grass left to clear…that is a couple more full days to go, so we guess a couple more full weekends and then can prepare some more plots. We have cleared an area of 6 plots till now, and we estimate that we have another 12 to go. However, we think that the hardest part was towards the front, as towards the back the grass is sparser.

Another view of the site...and the work still left to do.

Another view of the site…and the work still left to do.

An overview of the site...we have till the wooden 'boxes' at the back.

An overview of the site…we have till the wooden ‘boxes’ at the back.

So…that is where we are till now…but before I go I would like to introduce you to one of our security man we found on the site whilst digging, who oversees the entire plot when we are not there:

Our plot security.

Our plot security.

Please also meet our first good, non-eaten, intact crop we found (also whilst digging). We doubt we will find such a good specimen ever again.

Our first fruit :)

Our first fruit 🙂



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