First time planting out

26 06 2015

So…we finally found some more time to go to the allotment. We had originally planned to go on Tuesday, but we had a couple of errands to run…these were mainly to go to 2 ‘freeglers’ to get some small plants they had been growing, and were happy to give away.

The first person gave us 2 types of tomatoes…we now are the proud owners of 4 (or so) plants of Cuore di Bue and a similar number of Harbinger tomatoes. The second lady had so many different types of plants, and kept giving us different things to try. We should have courgette, broccoli, tomatoes, chickpeas, beetroot, red corn, chillies, onions and who knows what else. The problem is that they were not labelled and our pen was not working…so we are not sure we have the right name for each crop, and one of them is still the ‘unknown’.

The new work

The new work

Anyways, as you can see from the photos, what we have done yesterday is ‘cut’ another plot in the previously cleared ground. In this plot we have planted out some of the plants we got on Tuesday, namely the broccoli and cucumbers. We also put in 2 strawberry plants, which Bernard found while clearing more ground, and some parsley. We then covered the plot with some netting (to prevent the pesky butterflies from laying eggs on the leaves and the birds from eating the fruits) and put down some slug repellents from what seems to be the allotment gardener’s best friend in St Albans…Wilko 🙂

Overview of the plot

Overview of the plot

The strawberries

The strawberries

Then, the other plot in the pair was transformed into a kind of compost heap on the advice of some other people who we met in the allotment. This is because the two large compost bins at the back are fully stuffed, and we cannot have bonfires during the summer months, which means that we need to figure something else out. So we decided to create a number of compost heaps for the grass we remove, and hope all the compost goes well.

Finally, we also cleared some more land, and we hope to ‘cut’ another pair of plots this weekend to plant out more of the stash we got this week 🙂



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