Our second guest allotmenteer :)

27 06 2015

Today we went back to the allotment to get some more of the seedlings we had picked up this week into the ground. We also got our second allotmenteer…YING!…Ying is a colleague of mine, and a car share partner as well and he has been saying he wants to come visit for some time. He did help us out a bit…but let’s say that my mum still wins the guest allotmenteer competition (I think she also wins the overall competition with the allotment owners as well :P).

Our guest allotmenteer hard at work

Our guest allotmenteer hard at work

So what have we planted today?…well as I said previously the plan was to plant out some of the seedlings we had gotten earlier this week…and that was the case…we planted out some kale and parsley…but we also met the owner of the house we are currently in the process of buying (who also has an allotment there) and he gave us a couple of tomato plants, courgettes and cucumber…so in to the ground they went. We also put in two strawberry plants we found whilst clearing more ground.

Today's planting out

Today’s planting out

The other thing we did was to fill the water butt we had with water, thanks to our ‘neighbour’ who has a hose pipe that can just about reach our plot from his side (the water taps are across his plot…so we need a much longer hose to be able to water our plot). This will make it easier for us to water the site, especially as we realised that we need to water much more often and much more abundantly. The poor little plants we planted out on Thursday do not look to happy…but we gave them lots of water and we will hope for the best. We will now try to go to the site every day at least to water. Especially as a heat wave should be coming in the UK next week.

So, in summary…what do we have till now? Well we have cleared ‘8 plots’. However we are using 2 of them as compost heaps for the grass we are clearing. I think we should have at least space for another 8 plots. But we will get there eventually.

What we have left to clear!

What we have left to clear!

The cleared and planted site till now.

The cleared and planted site till now.




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