Happy Birthday Ross :)

7 05 2011

Yesterday it was Ross’ birthday, so we all got invited to his apartment for a BBQ. Unfortunately the weather was not that nice :(, but we moved the BBQ cooking to the oven inside, and just did some kebabs on the actual BBQ. But who need a BBQ when you have good friends? I went up a bit earlier to help out a bit with the preparations, but Norah, his apartment mate had everything under control, so there was not much for me to do. (Not that I am complaining about that :P). So I went back home (i.e. down a flight of stairs) to change and returned for the party portion.

People started coming, and I think it was a good number of people. We ate (Nora/Ross’ famous potato salad, Zahra’s great salads, small nibbles, burgers, sausages…you name it we had it)….a lot. There was food to feed an army. But oh well. Isn’t that the way with all parties? Norah and Ross were on cooking duty during the party, Nora (there are 2 of them…notice the H hehe) was on cocktail duty and the rest of us…chilled 🙂 and chatted and ate 🙂 Most of Ross’s friends are also good friends of mine, so it was a really enjoyable evening.

After all of us were stuffed to the brim came the desserts. We had a cake and then lots of party pieces (75 pieces in all hehe…thanks to Iceland). They were actually quite good, especially the profiteroles, which I loved. After some more chatting, the night was coming to an end. I helped them with the cleaning out (a bit haha) and then made my way home. It was a truly enjoyable evening…can we have another one soon?

Happy birthday Ross…hope you enjoyed your bday party as much as we did 🙂

The Last Day of my Life as Was!

28 08 2010

Yesterday was my last day of work at GSD!…It was a bittersweet thing…although I am happy I am leaving, excited about the new projects etc etc, I know I will be leaving some good friends behind, and I really hope we manage to keep in touch :). So, what did yesterday consist of?…Well at work I admittedly did not do much actual work…although I did some…especially since Anna (the Customer Care Personnel, who falls under our department) is off sick…so I had to take over some of her responsibilites…but Oh Well!…I also went round bearing chocolates…I found these Cadbury Goody Bags, which were really good, as different people take whatever they like 😀

Cadbury Goody Bay

Cadbury Goody Bay

Like this, I could go round the company and talk and thank the people who mattered most during my time at GSD. I also sent special thanks to my first manager at the company, Ruth, and the Operations Manager Peter. I really appreciate all they have done for me and I have learnt a lot from them 😀 . I also got to meet up with the General Manager, and we had a small chat. She seemed very interested in all I will be doing, and has asked me to keep in touch. She also gave me a pen WEEEE!!

After saying my goodbyes, I left to go home, and prepared for yesterday’s evening BBQ. Since Bernard is at Kamp Sajf, he could not come with me to the BBQ. Whilst preparing, I asked mum whether she wanted that we go swimming and then go to the BBQ together…so off we went. It was a great evening…a group of good friends, chatting and having fun and EATING!…As soon as we were ready to leave, Peter called that he is coming over (he told us he is coming late…it was just past midnight I think hihi)…so we waited until he came, and we talked for a bit…he said he wanted to make sure I am leaving and that next week I go to visit the beautiful Danish country!

Then off home and SLEEP till this morning, when I woke up feeling a bit sick…sore throat etc…but nothing too bad I hope.

Roof BBQ

15 08 2010

Yesterday was the day the Comino Group (+ additions: Julian, Bernard, Therese and Nicolai) came over to my house for a roof BBQ, whilst also watching the Santa Marija feast fireworks at Mqabba and Qrendi, which can be easily seen from our roof top. The Mqabba fireworks team is renowned as being one of the best in Malta and abroad. They have won several competitions here in Malta and abroad. Below you could see an entry to the Maltese fireworks festival a few years ago. More videos and photos are available on their website:

Well Bernard came over at around 5pm with the food we had bought the day before…we started preparing the food, went to 6pm mass at the Nigret chapel and came back to continue preparing food. This was the menu:

Starters: Tortillas, Crips, Tuna Dip, Blue Cheese dip, Gallett

Appetizers: Garlic bread (made from home-made garlic butter courtesy of ME!), Maltese sausage on BBQ

Main Course: Chicken kebab, Pork kebab, wudy cheese sausages, Lidl wurstel sausages, Potato Salad, Couscous Salad

Desert: Chocolate Cake, Ice cream (walnut, vanilla or chocolate), apple fondant, fruit kebabs

I think that is all…we had (as usual) too much food, and have remaining food in the fridge at home…even though we went from 10 people to 11 people at the last moment, and my mum ate a bit too…we still had too much food haha…nothing new here.

They were supposed to be here at 8pm…but (as with all Maltese gatherings) they arrived here at about 9pm)…it was a good thing…cos we only finished preparing the food and everything at about 8:45pm haha). All in all, we had a great time, we chatted, we laughed (too hard sometimes…some people were going to have a heart attack I think), made too much noise, and had an enjoyable evening (although we did not really look at any fireworks much haha).

Would like to say a special thank you to Bernard and Chris for helping out in the cooking etc. At about 12:30am…they decided to leave (they were going to Paceville from my house hihi)…So everyone helped take the things down…well not everyone…some people conveniently needed to use the bathroom at this point…well what can you expect…Bernard changed to his going out clothes and they left. Then I spent some time washing the plates etc (did not take long), and stayed reading in bed!

Hopefully today we go swimming together WEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This Weekend!

6 08 2010

What shall I do tonight?…PACK!!…what?!?!?! you must be asking…are you going abroad again?…oh no dear friends…I am going on a camping trip with a couple of my friends to Comino this weekend. We are going to be 7 in all, and it promises to be a wonderful weekend…

The tent has just been packed…I will be taking up my bro’s tent…and another guy will get his tent…so we should be comfortable 😀 I am now cooking 1kg of pasta…to which I will add pesto sauce and cool to take with us for tomorrow’s lunch :D…so that we could enjoy our time there and not spend the day cooking…although Sat evening, Sun bfast and lunch will be cooked 😀

Then off I will go to start organising whatever I will need (I will do the actual packing tomorrow, since some of the clothes are still drying out in the washroom)…but they should be dry by tomorrow…

Will tell you all about my weekend on Sunday or Monday!

Tired :(

4 08 2010

At the moment I can barely keep my eyes open…and in fact after having just arrived home from work I feel like just laying down to sleep. What’s the reason for this you might ask? Well, yesterday I went to a roof top BBQ at a friend of the family’s house (Mary Rose). It was a small gathering of around 15people…mainly M’Rose’s husband, children and gfs, her brother and family, her mum/dad and an uncle, my mum, Bernard and myself.

We arrived there at about 8:30pm, and had some appetizers whilst playing JENGA!…which I won each time, thanks to Jean Paul being the person next in line after me 😀 Then we went onto the big table to eat…MMMM. It was an enjoyable evening with a breeze blowing, the Lija Fireworks in the vicinity (close enough to see…but far away enough to not be bothered by the noise) and a nice company.

However we only left there at about midnight (at 11:45…when we decided to leave, mum remembered that she had to check something she had sent MRose’s son by email…to see if he received it well…GRRRRR. This meant that I slept at about 1am…and then although my alarm clock was at 7:20am (normally it is at 7am…but I moved it to later…since I knew that I would be tired…but Alas…at 6:30am I wove up…5.5hours of sleep is NOT ENOUGH for me L

However I’ve got things to do…will tell you soon :D…and hopefully off to sleep soon!

Weekend BBQs

2 08 2010

Well, it is summer in Malta…so what to do in the weekends? There can only be one answer…swimming and BBQs! This weekend me and Bernard had one every day.

Saturday saw us going swimming early evening (at 6:30pm) at Wied il-Ghajn (Marsascala), where we had been swimming previously. I like swimming here…especially as not too many people are generally there. There we were joined with Julian and Christine. These are two of our friends who are getting married in a year’s time. Julian was at uni with Bernard, and we know both through ZAK…we always plan to meet up, but sometimes not successfully unfortunately :(.

After swimming, we chatted a bit and started cooking…we had Maltese sausage on the BBQ as starter, followed by Caribbean chicken kebabs (prepared lovingly by Bernard) for me and Bee and Marinated chicken for Julian and Christine. However we shared out food so we got to taste everything 😀 Then for dessert mmmmmmmm…Marshmallows on BBQ weeeeee.

Apart from the eating, we really enjoy being in each other’s company…talking about everything and everyone and discussing things…we are now planning to go to Gozo for 2 days sometime in September (11-12 September supposedly :D)…looking forward to that!

Sunday afternoon we had another swim again at Marsascala but this time starting earlier, at around 4pm for me and Bernard, since the others were at the seaside since 10am. This was followed by a BBQ with some other friends from ZAK…Carina, Chris and Bernard (another Bernard hihi)…this was slightly unplanned so all we had were sausages and 1 burger between us both…and the remaining marshmallows from the day before…we were still stuffed 😀 We again enjoyed ourselves…how can you not…and made some plans hopefully for next weekend…but will tell you later if it happens! WEEEEE

PS: some bad news…Pixy the Pixx came swimming with us on both days. Sunday however she started dying…since she is slowly now losing air…however me and Bernard promise we will do our best to keep her alive…We love u Pixy!