Happy Birthday

30 05 2011

Today my blog is 1 :)…so I would like to wish it a Happy Birthday. Many things have changed in the past year, and thank you to all those who have followed my ramblings. Hope you have enjoyed the ride.

Sorry for the delay

30 11 2010

Please excuse my delay in putting up new posts on my blog post, but I have been extremely busy in the past weeks, I have been to 4 countries, given 2 presentations, been in the hot sunshine and freezing cold, graduated, relaxed, worked, ate a lot and did numerous other things. I will hopefully update you very soon. Until then, please visit my research blog, where I have uploaded the first 2 blog posts about the past 2 weeks, for items related to research.

My PhD and my Blog :)

3 10 2010

OK, so it had been suggested (insisted?), that I have two blogs to keep up with. One is this personal blog where I can write about what I do and activities I have participated in etc. The other should be a research blog. Where I only put down posts related to my research. This would be a more formal sort of blog. I had written the first post quite a while ago. However I never informed anyone about it. Because, who would visit it, when I did not have anything to say. However, next Monday (tomorrow 🙂 ), I should be getting the first details of my project. Last Friday, all I did was mainly administrative stuff. I still have some more such stuff to do. However, I should have a meeting regarding the research portion of my project (about time hihi).

Therefore my research blog should start being updated more (WEEEEE). Please go visit it, if you are interested in what I am up to at Uni and my ‘academic life’: VISIT ME!

Mapping Science: Malta

25 08 2010

Yesterday, my sister contacted me saying she came across this initiative to map places of scientific interests around the world. She asked whether I would be willing to help her out, and I immediately agreed. However, we decided to map all places  of scientific interest in the Maltese Islands, rather than just 1 city.

We both enjoyed working on it…we searched online and looked up info, and searched our brains to fill up the blanks of the places of scientific interest in Malta (and Gozo). We mentioned the major museums, libraries, educational institutions, laboratories, nature reserves and councils/foundations which are related to science.

I look forward to getting access to other maps…perhaps someone can do the Denmark/Copenhagen one, Strasbourg or Dublin one…I will be visiting these countries next month, and would be cool to be able to have such a map.

Please see the blog post where this map has been listed here. Do not hesitate to comment and do any additions/changes to this map.

You can also see the map here: