Denmark Day 2

1 09 2010

Yesterday I included a link…you can enter the link and it joins to a map of the places we are visiting…it is being updated constantly…

So…what have I been up to in the past 2 days? We have been driving around and seeing some really beautiful places. It is great to be out in the countryside and seeing the great outdoors. Yesterday morning (after a big breakfast) we went to a Cow Farm in the vicinity. Michael’s father works with a company and his job is to install heat time sensors for cows. So he knows the farms in the vicinity. We got to see the cows (including 1 day old cows), saw the robot milking the cows, saw pregnant cows, saw one of his father’s colleagues inseminate a cow, got suckled by a cow and enjoyed ourselves 🙂 We then had a picnic lunch at the farm and drank fresh cow milk 🙂

The Cow Farm

The Cow Farm

After this we drove through Logumkloster, where we saw a nice cloister and then went to det Gamle Apothek where there are many decorations and items to see. This was followed by a visit to Schakenborg Castle, where the Danish Prince (second son) lives….we just saw this from the outside and after a 10minute walk we moved on….To Højer Dyke and the nearby marshes.

Schackenborg Castle

Schackenborg Castle

After this….Rømø…This is an island in Denmark….we went to the Sandy Beach, had a dip (OK we wet our feet) in the Wadden Sea, did circles in the sand with the car (Michael’s dad is a big boy), saw the kites, and went to Lakolk, where we had a hot chocolate and did some shopping.

Rømø Beach

Rømø Beach

Rømø was followed by Ribe…Denmark’s oldest town. We walked around the city, had dinner in this really beautiful restaurant and went around with the night-watchman on his tour of the city.

At this point around 9pm) we were knackered, so we went back to Tøftlund and after some chatting…SLEPT!

Denmark Road Trip

31 08 2010

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Denmark Day 1

30 08 2010

This morning (bright and early at 5:15am) Bernard came over to our house to pick me and mum up, and off we went to the airport to get a 6:30am flight top Billund. We managed to make it on time (got the Emergency Exit Seats…we were some of the first people from the non-priority queue) and off we left on a pretty uneventful flight.

We landed on time (dodorodododo…this is another ontime flight with Ryanair hihi) and met Ann, Michael and his parents at the airport. We left Billund and made our way to Odder, to visit Michael’s sister Majbrit and her newborn baby Mai (it was the first time Michael saw her too 🙂 ). There we had lunch…smørrebrød…the traditional Danish open sandwiches…and chatted. The sandwiches were not too bad, actually quite good.

Once Michael’s other nephew, Magnus, came home from school, we then left (me, Ann, Michael, mum, Michael’s parents and Magnus) to go to the Marselisborg Dyreave (Deer Park). There we fed the deer carrots. They come to eat from your hand and were soooo cute :D. After this we went down to the beach nearby and skipped rocks.

We then made our way back to Odder, where we left Magnus at home, and then started our way to Toftlund…Michael’s parents’ house. We have now arrived, and me and mum chose our room (we have separate rooms….and Ann and Michael get to stay at the neighbours’ haha). We got a tour of the house (VERRRRY NICE) and now are waiting for dinner to be ready.

I will hopefully be able to update you with photos soon…I should be getting a camera tomorrow…Ann brought her old one to give to me…but it has no batteries…so tomorrow will go buy batteries….But Maichael’s father took plenty…

Off to eat

Should be asleep

29 08 2010

It is 11pm here in Malta, and I should be asleep, cos tomorrow I have a 6:30am flight to Billund…however I cannot sleep…so came to surf the net to pass the time, and have decided to post a blog post…I have too many thoughts running through my head at the moment in order for me to manage to sleep…am I taking the right decisions with respect to what my life will bring with it from now on?, am I being fair to everyone involved?…I do not want to screw up what I have till now…Am I capable of getting my PhD?…will I manage to move away from home and live in another country? To put the cherry on the cake, I have not been feeling so grand lately…the fever is still on, and I still have a slight cold…but otherwise I am OK…hope everything works out for the best.

I will try to go back to sleep now. Love you all (especially you reading this post whilst half asleep…Thank you)


Packing ready…and Ready to go!

29 08 2010

Well…the latest spat of illnesses will not put me down…I have just had a good sleep, and woke up to pack for tomorrow’s flight to Billund :D…now packing is ready and all I can do is wait…tomorrow morning we have a 6:30am flight. Bernard is lovingly coming over for me and mum somewhere around 5:15am so that we make our way to the airport…I might not blog as much in the coming week…will see depending upon PC and internet access. We will be staying at my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house for the first few days. Then Wednesday we will make our way to Copenhagen, until Saturday, when we fly back (separate flights…cos mum bought the flight tickets before me and it was too expensive to come back with Norwegian Air, so I bought Air Malta tickets, meaning I have a stop over at Munich (only 1.5hours so quite OK))…have blogged about this when I bought the tickets here.

I look forward to meeting my sister weeee…have not seen her in I do not know how many months…and also to see Denmark…hope all goes well!

Why oh Why!

29 08 2010

Why is it, that now that I am off work, and have a holiday planned next week, my immune system decided it needs a break. Yesterday I woke up feeling poorly…my throat was sore, and had a low grade fever all day :(…please note that I just went to the doctor two weeks ago, and finished the course of antibiotics he had given me last Thursday :@. Well, I called my doctor, and he gave me some more antibiotics (hope they will help). Today I woke up still with the slight fever. Took my antibiotics, a panadol, and tried to relax a bit. Now a few mins ago, my bowel movements decided they wanted to participate in this malady. AAAAAAAAAA….Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, I have a flight to Denmark. Me and mum are going to visit my sister’s boyfriend’s parents, and also have some time in Copenhagen. I did not want to be sick…but with the low grade fever and sore throat I think I could manage. However, this new development is making me worried…I have a 3hours 15mins flight, and I want no surprises….Let us see how it goes 😀

Wish me luck!

September…a Busy Month :S

23 08 2010

Well, September is proving to be a busy month. Originally it was supposed to be a quiet month prior to starting my PhD studies…however the weeks are rapidly filling up. Although I will be off work (this is my last week WIPPIE!!) I am getting busy haha. In the first week, I will be going to Denmark with my mum, to meet my sister and her bf at her bf’s parents house and then also going for a few days to Copenhagen. Sometime in the following 2 weeks, my Master’s Viva is tentatively scheduled. I just heard about this today, because I emailed my supervisor to ask him about it, since my days are quickly getting full, so I wanted to know what they are planning. Everything seems to be fine…will wait and see when the final confirmation of date comes in.

Then in the following week I will be attending a course entitled Master-level course on Climate Change: impact on health, human environment and water, organised by the COE, and held in Strasbourg. I just heard about the last item today. I applied last week on a whim. Yesterday I heard I got recommended. Then today I heard I have been accepted to also receive financial support, for which I am really grateful. I doubt I would have gone without the financial support…so THANK YOU!

Today I also emailed my PhD supervisor, and she confirmed that I should soon receive my PhD contract and formal acceptance from the University. Tomorrow I should also be sending my accommodation contract for the 1st semester of my PhD….all in all…a day of tying up loose ends…Hope all goes well!