I Can See…

29 06 2010

…the wood of my computer desk…and it is breathing a sigh of definite relief…after spending the last couple of years hidden underneath piles of papers/documents and the such (bar a couple of weeks/days here and there where my mum insisted I give a clear out…but not in the past few months for sure), the wood of our computer desk can finally see the light of day. When I am working on an assignment…BSc thesis…MSc thesis…other reports, I tend to keep everything in piles…I do not want to throw away anything and I need everything next to me (even if I know I will never look at them again). Since I have now submitted my masters (YIPPIE!), and today is a feast in Malta, yesterday I placed everything in two piles…things to file etc (around 1%…since most of things I needed to file etc were already filed etc) and things to throw away/use as rough paper. This morning I decided to separate the throw away/rough paper pile and that job is now ready :D.

Hopefully the desk can remain somewhat clean for the next couple of months or so…although it is already picking up papers again…since next Friday I should have a PhD telephone interview, so I have some papers to read up on to prepare myself…wish me the best of luck…I hope all goes well…maybe plans would change again (A) …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Happy Sha La La

5 06 2010

Finally…my master’s thesis conclusion is Ready. I have finished writing the bulk of my thesis around a month ago. However I have been procrastinating about the last part. I had placed most of what I wanted to put in my conclusion as points, however I never got round to writing them in coherent paragraphs. This week I called my tutor to see where he got to with the first three chapters of my master’s thesis I had sent around a month ago, and he told me to send him everything together.

 (Actually he said something like…oh you sent them to me…sorry I have not gotten around to them…I am quite busy at the moment [it is true…he is not usually that way but lately he is not himself]…and then he was like…where have you gotten with the rest I replied that I am ready…I just need to do some final checks and I could send it to him. although I was waiting for him to send me the first three chapters first…and he was like…Ah…better send everything together and I will try to see them…however not for now etc etc..)

..but that was a necessary kick in the butt…and this morning I woke up and wrote it down…all that’s left is that I:

  • Re read it tomorrow, with a fresh outlook
  • Send it to mum for proof reading
  • Send it to my sister for scientific coherence checking
  • Convert the last three chapters (results, discussion, conclusions) from .pdf to .doc
  • Re check the .doc document that the conversion is right, and do any necessary changes
  • Send it to my tutor
  • Wait
  • Wait
  • Wait…
  • ….
  • …Wait
  • Do any changes he suggests (hopefully not much)
  • Submit and wait for Viva examination
  • Graduate

Hopefully the Viva exam would not be in September, cos that would probably mean having to come to Malta around 1 week or 2 after going abroad…however we will see.

Happy weekend…long weekend for the Maltese People out there