Day six: Home time :( and Final Thoughts

14 06 2011

We got up early enough as we had to be at the airport at 10:30am for Ann’s flight to Luton. We said our goodbyes and headed straight through security. We had no trouble there. It was definitely a lot easier than security at Dublin Airport. We were two hours early for our flight but on time for Ann’s. We queued up with her until we could go no further. We then went to our gate where we got to the top of the non –priority queue but didn’t get our front seats. We got seats beside sweaty mc sweaterson . It was depressing landing in Dublin with the clouds and cold [It definitely was 😦 :(] after our great weekend .

Finally thoughts: 

Overall it was great holiday. Malta is a great place to visit as it’s steeped in history and the people our lovely. My highs were the temples, Mdina by night, swimming with the Fenechs, Seaside reataurant and the fishing village. My lows were getting burnt but apparently I can’t avoid that. I’d like to thank all the Fenechs for their wonderful family [Thank you…I chose my family especially to make you happy with them :P] especially Cec’s Mum for putting up with all of us. I’d also like to thank Bernard for driving us around and being our tour guide. Ann it was great to finally have a conversation with you and you’re as nice as you sounded on Gmail chat. Also want to thank Stephen for giving up his room for me. Zahra and Ali , it was great to a have you with us your cooking and company made the trip great. Last but not least I have to thank Cec for inviting me without her the whole trip wouldn’t be possible. She’s a great host , tour guide and lab mate [WEEEEEEEEE]. I will definitely be back to Malta [OH NOOOOO!!!!!!! LOL…you are welcome whenever you want].

By Ross O’Dwyer


Fenechs et al in Ireland: Goodbye Galway…Goodbye Ireland

29 04 2011

Our last day in Galway, Easter Monday, dawned. After our breakfast we decided to head to Dublin for my family’s last day in Ireland. We dropped our luggage at my apartment and then headed to Dublin City centre, where our first stop was LUNCH :). After that we did some shopping (we needed to update my sister’s wardrobe, so Bernard, Michele, mum and myself set on that task, whilst my bro and her boyfriend scuttled off). We managed to make her spend quite a lot of money (Ireland needs to recuperate its economy) and I again ended up buying some stuff. That occupied most of the afternoon. After that we went back to my apartment where we relaxed a bit and discussed plans for my brother’s wedding in August, and we booked accomodation for our stays in Tallinn (for my, Ann’s, Michael’s, Bernard’s and mum’s pre wedding trip) and Helsinki, where my brother is getting married.

We then went to Eddie Rockets since Bernard had been wanted and Oreo Milkshake and then came back home to sleep :). 7 people managed to successfully sleep in my room (and in comfort I must say). Thanks to Monika and Rachel (my apartment mate) who supplied me with inflatable mattresses and David (my other apartment mate, who offered but there was no place to put any more). We had a short night’s sleep, cos at 4:45 am we all woke up to go to the airport.

Thankfully all flights were within a short time frame, so we got the car and headed towards the airport. We dropped off Stephen and Michele (departure 7:10am to Helsinki), Mum and Bernard (departure 7:20am to Malta) and Ann (departure 7:30am to Berlin). Then Michael and myself took the car to the car hire place, which opens at 6am, and dropped off the car. No issues there wippie 🙂 We were then dropped off at the airport where I said goodbye to Michael (departure 8:15am to London) and I got the bus back to DCU, where I snuggled back into bed for a couple more hours of sleep before heading back to Uni to get back to my daily routine.

Overall, I must say it was a really successful trip, especially considering it was our first trip as a family in ages, and the first ever with the extended family. I was expecting it to be much more stressful, which it was not, and I think everyone had a great time. The next time we will all be together is at my brother’s wedding in August. However we are already planning our next family Easter trip in 2 years’ time. Destination: Unknown. Depending on where the different components of this family are (which is not easy to say 🙂 ).

Thank you all for coming to visit 🙂 Come again 🙂

Back in Dublin

3 01 2011

My Christmas trip is over, and I am now back in Dublin and placed all my luggage contents in their place. Before I left home however my mum cooked me some ravjul. The Ryanair flight should leave at 12:30pm, and it is always a bit of an issue. Lunch time would not have been there by the time I leave home (around 11am). But landing is at 3:30pm Irish time (i.e. 4:30pm Malta time), so I always am uncertain about whether I should eat or not. However how could I say no to ravjul?

I made it to the airport, got on the plane and found one of my favourite seats available…a over-wing emergency exit aisle window seat. Everything was going smoothly, the doors closed and we were ready to leave. But no, a technical person suddenly boarded and started looking out of some windows at the wing. The pilot came out and they started discussing. Technical personnel started looking at the wings over and over again. Hmmmm…things did not look good. My hopes of leaving on time were scrapped. But what had happened?

The pilot took it upon himself to advise us of the issue. I appreciated this very much. It is not very common that problems are shared with the public. This commonly leads to more fear. Rather the small announcement he made allayed all our fears. So what was the issue? Apparently the flight on coming to Malta flew at 37000 feet (if I remember well), where temperatures reach -60 deg Celsius. This meant that the plane was very cold. Unfortunately just after boarding, a small rain shower fell. The water which fell on the right wing froze. Due to safety issues, a plane cannot depart with ice on its wings. So what did we do? We waited until the ice melted and the wings were ice free. So after around a 1hour delay we were off and on our way to Dublin.

Lets see how things go here. Tomorrow I have no Uni, since the Uni closure ends on Wednesday. I plan to do some work nonetheless from home and I need to go shopping for some food.

25 days till Ann visits

38 days to see Bernard again

What did you do to Dublin!

5 12 2010

What did you do to Dublin!…that was my expression as soon as I saw Ireland from the air. It was no longer green :(…it was white…completely covered in white. WEEEE snow :). We landed (a bit late…cos we left late and then had some waiting on the runway) and everything was white. I rushed to my place then to Uni…everything was white. SNOW!…well no snow was falling, but that was soon to change. During the day and the night the snow kept on falling on and off on and off. WEEE my first actual snow.

View from the lab window

View from the lab window

Tuesday came and it was still snowing, but off to Uni we went. Many people were however away. In fact I got my first snow days. The Uni has been closed since Wednesday afternoon. It is not so difficult to get to Uni from where I live, cos it is just a 5 minute walk. The problems are for those who drive. The snow is still on the ground, but it has not snowed in the past 2 days, so tomorrow it should be back to Uni.

I enjoyed the snow…although it gets a bit boring staying inside. I had good Grey’s anatomy company so no complaints, but now I am ready to go back (hmmm…really not sure, but work needs to get done…I did some from home…but let’s say it was not too productive).

Here are some more snow photos 🙂

Me in Snow!

Me in Snow!

View from my window!...this was not at its worst

View from my window!...this was not at its worst

The roads outside!

The roads outside!

Greets from Dublin!

30 09 2010

Greetings blog readers from my room in Dublin. Today was the day I left my life in Malta to start my life here in Dublin. This morning I woke up feeling OK…but then it quickly went downhill from there, and then the mood lifted again…by the time I arrived at the airport I was feeling better. I started chatting with the Irish lady who happened to be behind me in the queue. She was sooo nice :D…She came to Malta for a wedding, and one of the ladies with her had a son who is coming to DCU this year too…and he will be staying at Shanowen too (however she is not sure if it is Shanowen hall or Shanowen square).

Then went for check in…obviously I was overweight haha…17.5kg…so I removed some things (placed in the hand luggage), and managed to bring it down to the required weight (my hand luggage was that much heavier however :D)…and I removed some things to give to mum.

I said my goodbyes and up to the queue I went. I happened to be just behind the same lady in the queue…then went on the plane, and a friend of the same lady was sitting next to me…we chatted a bit and relaxed a bit. After 2.5hours on the plane, apprehension started to set in (probably as we encountered some turbulence). I landed, got my luggage, and proceeded to go to the bus. I made it to the bus stop I had to stop at (thank you bus driver and nice lady 😀 ).

I then walked to the residence. I was a funny sight…I am sure some people thought I was crazy!!…But made it whole, settled into the room, went to Tesco to buy some things, came home, ate (pizza in the microwave hihi). I also chatted with my mum, Ann, and Bernard and gave them a web cam tour of my place. I am currently talking to Bernard on Skype whilst he searches for master’s courses he might follow next year, whilst I am writing my blog :D.

The room is quite nice…and I think it is suitable for my needs…I only wish I had a pillow…but I thought I would not have one…so tomorrow or this weekend I will go buy a pillow…and a Duvet…cos it is getting a bit cold now the night is setting in. However I will survive tonight.

I am glad I am now here in Dublin…it was so stressful with not knowing. Now tomorrow it is off to Uni. I have already met my supervisor and she seemed super nice. I however look forward to meeting up with the new students and starting my new adventure…BRING IT ON I say.

Packing ready…and Ready to go!

29 08 2010

Well…the latest spat of illnesses will not put me down…I have just had a good sleep, and woke up to pack for tomorrow’s flight to Billund :D…now packing is ready and all I can do is wait…tomorrow morning we have a 6:30am flight. Bernard is lovingly coming over for me and mum somewhere around 5:15am so that we make our way to the airport…I might not blog as much in the coming week…will see depending upon PC and internet access. We will be staying at my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house for the first few days. Then Wednesday we will make our way to Copenhagen, until Saturday, when we fly back (separate flights…cos mum bought the flight tickets before me and it was too expensive to come back with Norwegian Air, so I bought Air Malta tickets, meaning I have a stop over at Munich (only 1.5hours so quite OK))…have blogged about this when I bought the tickets here.

I look forward to meeting my sister weeee…have not seen her in I do not know how many months…and also to see Denmark…hope all goes well!

My New Baby in Malta

26 08 2010

…or so I at least hope 😀

Well, Mina, was visiting London, where she stayed at my sister’s place for some days. She (luckily) had some available luggage space so she brought my new baby HOME! She arrived in Malta yesterday evening, and I will hopefully meet up with her sometime in the coming days…will see how it goes…WEEEEEEEEEEEE