Freebies :)

15 06 2011

Ross’ time as a guest blogger is now over (though he is welcome back any time 🙂 ), so unfortunately you are now again stuck with my ramblings. After coming back from Malta, I have been trying to get some work done on my PhD. However I am still finding some time to have fun. In particular during the past week were 2 freebies. And you know how I like my freebies, so a happy person was I.

First up was a trip to Taste of Dublin last Sunday. I won the tickets through the facebook page. I did not get the tickets in the beginning :(. Luckily for me, some people did not reply back to the email telling them they had won the tickets, so they redistributed the tickets, and WIPPIE, I got 2 tickets to Taste of Dublin. I asked around in my lab, and David took me up on the offer, so Sunday afternoon saw us heading to Iveagh gardens where the event was being held. The weather was not too favourable. The rain had luckily stopped by the time we made it there, but the place, being outside was all muddy. Oh well, we still had a good time going round the different stands and tasting some of the food on offer.

My only possible complaint about the event is perhaps the price of the event (I did not have to pay, but this i what would hold me back next time). Entry to the event is €25 for advance bought tickets (this is the part I got for free). However once you enter the event you still have to pay for most of the foods (you get some samples for free), though most were quite reasonably priced in my opinion. Unfortunately I could not stay too long, so I left David enjoying the evening at the event, whilst I headed to the end of year Pizza BBQ by the OLV young adult group, since during the months of July and August no Sunday 6:30pm Gospel Mass is said, so we met at the Parish Priest’s house for some pizza, drink and an overall good time.

The next freebie was 2 tickets to a preview of the Bridesmaids movie. I got the tickets through the seefilmfirst website. I have been registered on this website since I moved to Ireland, but this is only the second time I received an ‘invitation’, and the first time I actually went. My accompanying partner this time was Ross. We left Uni and made our way to the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre where the cinema was. After a slight detour (to see the sights heqqq hmmm) we arrived at the shopping centre in time to have some dinner, followed by an ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s (MMMMMMM) and then made our way to the cinema. The cinema was completely full (the last 2 people who came in used up the last 2 seats in the cinema…they could not even sit next to each other). But we managed to get relatively good seats I must say.

The film was really funny, and the atmosphere in the cinema was great. We all laughed, gasped and enjoyed the movie together. In some scenes it was pretty disturbing I must say (hence the 16 rating hihi). But I haven’t laughed as much in quite some time. Overall the acting is not that impressive, especially of the Bride. But it does not detract from the story. I loved the actress playing the groom’s sister. I would definitely suggest it for anyone to see.

Those were all my freebies for now 🙂 Have a good week and hope you are happy to have me back writing instead of Ross 😛


Freebies and MORE!

28 01 2011

Today was the DCU School of Biotechnology Research Day. I woke up a bit early to go start my HPLC run and then went over to where the Research Day was to be held, to register and put up my poster, before proceeding to hear the presentations. But more about the actual research day in my research blog probably later on. So where do the freebies come in? Well, as part of the research day a number of suppliers were sponsors and they came with their stands…and more importantly FREEBIES. I never saw such an array of freebies on offer. Apart from the usual mugs, notepads, pens and pencils there were USB pens looking like playmobil toys, travel mugs, clocks, mobile phone holders, calendars, different forms and styles of notepads. All the stationery needs you can imagine and more. My favourite freebie…which I had to ask for myself as it was not actually a freebie I guess…a Sigma Aldrich Chemical Bottle (We buy lots of chemicals from Sigma, who have typical chemical bottles…but instead of having sodium hydroxide, or something of the sort, it says Assorted Swiss chocolates. It has hazard notices on it, and once you open it, it is full of Lindt chocolates…they were there for all participants to take chocolates, but I asked for an empty bottle (I want to use it as a pencil holder) and got a full one instead 🙂 WEEEEEEEE. Another good freebie was a really nice bag from Fisher 🙂 It will certainly be the bag of choice for most of us students to go grocery shopping for some time.

What was good about the Research Day was that we had to go to all the different suppliers, to get a stamp from each supplier (there were 13), which would entitle us to a draw to win €100 or €50. We still do not know who won the draw, due to a gas alarm going off just as the research day ended and the wine reception and prize giving started. We managed to get the wine reception shifted (most people just got out a couple of wine bottles and so on, but the raffle box remained behind). Well what I liked about it was that we had to go meet up with all the suppliers and talk to them. This made for some really good contact making.

Bring on the freebies and the next research day…:)

Visit to Belfast!

21 10 2010

Yesterday I made the long-awaited trip to Belfast. The main reason for the trip was to visit my supervisor who is located there (read more about it in my research blog). I have been looking forward to visiting this city, moreover since I will be spending at least 3 months there as part of my PhD studies. I had two options to get there…by bus or by train. Most people told me to get the train, but I decided I wanted to get the bus…why might you ask?…well the bus leaves from a place closer to where I am staying, and it only takes 2.5hours as compared to 2.10hours by train. So it was not worth the hassle.

Early morning (OK 8:30am) saw me getting the bus to the airport, and at 9:20am the bus left Dublin airport to Belfast. I had my trusty Lonely Planet: Ireland book, which my sister had sent me as part of my belated birthday present :). I started reading it, but did not feel all that well. So I had a short nap, then woke up to find myself in the UK weeeee. We went round some picturesque villages/town, and finally we reached BELFAST!

I was feeling quite dizzy at this point, so I made my way to the University campus (a 15minute walk away from the bus station) and stopped at a Starbucks shop for a hot chocolate. It was my fist Starbucks hot chocolate, and I must say I was NOT impressed. But I felt quite better then so no complaints.

I still had some time for the meeting to start. Therefore I went around the University a bit. It is quite an old University and very nice and picturesque. I even got to enter the Great Hall at QUB, since they were preparing for a function later on in the evening and I snuck in to see. It is quite an impressive room, and I would love to have a function there some time (they also do weddings there they informed me…so who knows :P).

The Great Hall, QUB

The Great Hall, QUB

I also so that a Careers fair for Science, Engineering and IT students was happening. So I went in and checked out the companies represented. I got some good information, and more importantly I got Freebies. I am really enjoying such freebie opprotunities…I cannot wait to get more. Some of the stuff is quite useful. I have gotten mugs, key chains, a rule, highlighters, a bookmark and of course loads of pens :). What I need now are some more USB sticks (haven’t gotten any of those free) and a mouse pad (or two…one for Uni and one for home).

Time had come for me to meet my supervisor. So off I went to find his building and office and knocked on his door. You can read more about that in the research blog however. After the meeting I walked through the botanic gardens and back to the bus station to get the bus back home.

I will be back in around 1 month for the first ATWARM meeting. And I should spend around 3 months of my PhD studies there. So I have certainly not seen the end of Belfast. Cannot wait to explore more!