Doctor Visits

5 11 2010

For the past few days I have not been feeling all that well. Earlier on in the week I therefore started taking some off the counter medicines which Dr Brincat ordered, and also went to figure out how to attend the health clinic at University. Well, the nurse saw me and gave me a quick check up. She told me that I had an inflamed throat but nothing seems so bad. So she registered me with the clinic and told me to come back if I keep feeling sick.

Yesterday the guy sitting next to me in the lab (Ross) left after a doctor’s visit (another doctor, not the Uni one cos he has said that it takes up to a week to get an appointment apparently). Last night I was feeling a bit worse, and in fact after Uni I just went into bed and watched Grey’s anatomy episodes (no complaints).

However, especially since the weekend is coming, I did not know if I would have to wait for a week for an appointment etc, this morning I went to the health clinic at Uni, and asked for an appointment. The receptionist asked if I was willing to see the doctor then, and I said sure. 10 minutes later I was next to the doctor (faster than in Malta 🙂 so no complaints).

Apparently I have a viral infection. The doctor said that it takes around 7-10 days to clear and days 4-5 are the worst. So it seems that I am in the worst part. She also prescribed antibiotics just in case things get worse during the weekend, however I have not started taking them yet. Sticking with Dr Brincat’s prescription for now :). The doctor was really quite nice. We had a chat about my research as well and she sounded interested in what I am doing.

The nice thing at the end? The doctor’s consultation is free. This is what I found strange. Irish residents need to pay Eur 10 for a consultation at the Uni clinic for students or around Eur 60 for other GPs. However since I have a European Health ID Card it is free for me (although not for Irish with an EHIC). I am not complaining…not at all…but I found it a bit strange.

Well I am still on Dr Brincat’s prescription, but not doing too bad. Will see how it goes 🙂

The doctor was I send her this card as well :)

The doctor was I send her this card as well 🙂


September…Trip 2

19 09 2010

Well, September is proving to be a busy month. I had a total of 3 trips planned. Trip 1: Denmark, Trip 2: Strasbourg, Trip 3: Dublin (to start the rest of my life). Well this afternoon I will be starting the September trip 2. I will be going to Strasbourg on a 1 week course called:

European Master Course on Climate change: impact on health, human environment and water


It is organised by the Council of Europe (COE) European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement in collaboration with University of Strasbourg – Faculty of Medecine and the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg (ENGEES). I had seen this course advertised on the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) a while ago, when I entered the website on a whim…do not even know why, and since the topic interested me a lot, and I knew I would have been off work I decided to apply. Within a few days I heard that I was accepted for the course, and also for financial assistance. I would not have been able to go without this financial assistance grant, so I am very grateful to the COE for this.


Therefore this morning I have woken up and packed (30-45 mins packing time…weeee), and am now updating all of you :D. In a few hours time (5hours or so) I should be at the airport and off I go (at least I hope so…they bought my ticket themselves and misspelled my name…missed an i GRRRR…I informed them and they said they contacted Air Malta and Lufthansa who said all is OK…so will see :D). 

September…a Busy Month :S

23 08 2010

Well, September is proving to be a busy month. Originally it was supposed to be a quiet month prior to starting my PhD studies…however the weeks are rapidly filling up. Although I will be off work (this is my last week WIPPIE!!) I am getting busy haha. In the first week, I will be going to Denmark with my mum, to meet my sister and her bf at her bf’s parents house and then also going for a few days to Copenhagen. Sometime in the following 2 weeks, my Master’s Viva is tentatively scheduled. I just heard about this today, because I emailed my supervisor to ask him about it, since my days are quickly getting full, so I wanted to know what they are planning. Everything seems to be fine…will wait and see when the final confirmation of date comes in.

Then in the following week I will be attending a course entitled Master-level course on Climate Change: impact on health, human environment and water, organised by the COE, and held in Strasbourg. I just heard about the last item today. I applied last week on a whim. Yesterday I heard I got recommended. Then today I heard I have been accepted to also receive financial support, for which I am really grateful. I doubt I would have gone without the financial support…so THANK YOU!

Today I also emailed my PhD supervisor, and she confirmed that I should soon receive my PhD contract and formal acceptance from the University. Tomorrow I should also be sending my accommodation contract for the 1st semester of my PhD….all in all…a day of tying up loose ends…Hope all goes well!