Moving House

2 02 2011

OK not really moving house…but moving apartment. Today the day finally came, where I moved out of my apartment at Shanowen Hall and into the DCU postgrad residence. I had a wonderful time at Shanowen Hall. I think the place is quite well organised, safe and well-kept. The people there were really nice, and I had no complaints with my apartment mates. So…why did I move you must be asking? Well, I think that living on campus has more benefits…I will be sharing the apartment with other postgrads (not that I had any complaints with my apartment  mates, but one left last Saturday and another is leaving in a week…so I do not know who will be coming), the room is quite bigger, I will be close to my friends, the gym and the lab and I guess I think it will be more convenient.

So today, after University, I went home and finished my last bit of packing, and waited for Ross to come over. Ross kindly offered to help me transport my stuff in his car. He could not believe the amount of stuff I had (and neither did I). This accumulation was of just 4 months. I cannot imagine how it will be once I come to leave Dublin. We managed to get everything into his car in 3 trips and made our way to campus. This time round we met with Monika, so we only needed 2 trips to get everything into the apartment. After showing them a bit around, they left and I started unpacking. It took quite long but at last I have everything in place.

So what do I think of my new room? I have now met one of my new apartment mates. She is a final year PhD student in Chemistry and seems to be really really nice. The other person is a guy who is also in his final year, though I have not met him yet. The room is much bigger and I have much more storage space. Oh and I do have the longest desk ever. According to my very accurate measurements (using the length of A4 papers) the desk is more than 4m long (14 A4 papers lengthwise 🙂 ).

On the negative side? There is a funny smell in the apartment, and I have a sort of burnt carpet in my room (but the residence operators already know about it and told me before I went in, and they should be fixing it soon, so that should be OK). The residence is nice, though I do wish we had wireless internet access. Being a University I would have expected that. But Oh Well.

Tomorrow I should be going to IKEA (thanks to Ross again) to buy some more stuff for my room, and my room would be ready. I have a much bigger room now so visitors would be more comfortable.