The end of an era

29 09 2010

My life in Malta is coming to an end. In 24hours I will be on a plane taking me to Dublin, to start a new life. These past few days have certainly been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I have just printed my master’s dissertation and took it to be hard bound this morning and today I have also packed most of my stuff for tomorrow. Just the last few finishing touches to go. I feel alternatively happy and confident that all will be well, or deep in sad land where I am apprehensive of everything. Using my rational mind I know I can do this, I will make the best of the coming three years and I will make friends (by making an effort) and will not feel lonely. I have a great support system situated all around Europe: Malta, London, Finland (and sometimes even farther away)…and I am sure I will build a support system in Dublin. Other times all my doubts come tumbling in and I am a panicked deer in the headlights.

Think of me…



After Denmark…Now What?

8 09 2010

Well, as you already know, I have now stopped working, and therefore am not that busy since I came back from the Denmark trip. However, next Monday I have my masters’ viva, so I should be preparing myself for it. Therefore my time is divided between reading my thesis and relaxing. I had submitted my thesis a few months ago (2.5months or so), and therefore I need to read it all again to make sure I remember what I had written. It is frustrating knowing that I knew all of this stuff, but now a lot has slipped out of my mind. In addition, I am finding a number of mistakes…silly mistakes e.g. an extra word somewhere or a missing word or comma here or there…nothing major, but frustrating nonetheless. Yesterday I therefore went up to Uni to ask a girl who works as a research assistant, and she suggested doing an errata corrige sheet, where I list these small errors to show to the examiners once I go in…will try that and see how it goes.

The plan for the next few days?…Finish reading my thesis…and relax a bit more…WEEEEEEEE

September…a Busy Month :S

23 08 2010

Well, September is proving to be a busy month. Originally it was supposed to be a quiet month prior to starting my PhD studies…however the weeks are rapidly filling up. Although I will be off work (this is my last week WIPPIE!!) I am getting busy haha. In the first week, I will be going to Denmark with my mum, to meet my sister and her bf at her bf’s parents house and then also going for a few days to Copenhagen. Sometime in the following 2 weeks, my Master’s Viva is tentatively scheduled. I just heard about this today, because I emailed my supervisor to ask him about it, since my days are quickly getting full, so I wanted to know what they are planning. Everything seems to be fine…will wait and see when the final confirmation of date comes in.

Then in the following week I will be attending a course entitled Master-level course on Climate Change: impact on health, human environment and water, organised by the COE, and held in Strasbourg. I just heard about the last item today. I applied last week on a whim. Yesterday I heard I got recommended. Then today I heard I have been accepted to also receive financial support, for which I am really grateful. I doubt I would have gone without the financial support…so THANK YOU!

Today I also emailed my PhD supervisor, and she confirmed that I should soon receive my PhD contract and formal acceptance from the University. Tomorrow I should also be sending my accommodation contract for the 1st semester of my PhD….all in all…a day of tying up loose ends…Hope all goes well!

2 Weeks to GO!

13 08 2010

WEEEEEEEE…in 2 weeks’ time I’ll be officially off work :D…I have given my notice about 2.5months ago…and now I am ready to leave…my replacement has been employed, and he is now taking over most of the roles, with me just being available to help him out if he gets stuck etc…I should also be training my manager into what my role is. I had given him all the training more than a year ago when he starting working at the company…however he never paid much attention to whatever I said. Consequently he never had a clue as to what I was doing and never even bothered to give me any support whatsoever.

Now I can see that he is worried that the new guy will know more than him. Therefore I should be training him…but as with anything with this guy the time and date never comes…Last week it was next week we will start…mon he said Tues…and so on and on and on…Consequently it is Friday today and I have not given him any training…any time I tell him whenever shall we do this…it is always…give me some time…and with anything I have ever needed support during our time together the time never comes…he is always very ‘busy’…I cannot understand doing what…but anyways…

So how am I occupying my last days (weeks) of work?…Well…next week we have a fundraising activity for the Malta Community Chest Fund and I have been helping out wherever I can..have finished most of the new guy’s training (so now I am letting him do all the work, whilst I sort of supervise to ensure that he is doing everything right)…and doing some document shredding to help out another girl at work…

Two weeks to go…then 1 week in Denmark…3.5 weeks at home lazing about (and hopefully doing my master’s Viva)…then DUBLIN!…some things might also come into play to fill in those empty 3.5 weeks…we will see 😀

Pixy goes SWIMMING!

22 07 2010

Today, after work I rushed back home changed into my swim suit, went to Bernard’s and off we left to Marsascala. It was Pixy d Pixx’s first time swimming in Malta (yesterday I also went swimming at Ghar Lapsi, whilst Bernard and my cousin were diving, however we did not take Pixy with us). Here is a photo of me and Pixy in the sea.

Pixy and Me at Marsascala

I am finding it to be a great thing to be able to go swimming for an hour or so after work. The weather is such that you do not feel like doing anything. So like this you get to cool off, and then arrive home when the sun has gone down and it is not so hot after all 😀 This is the first time in ever I think that I have gone swimming after work since I finished my degree course. The first summer, Bernard was away for 6 weeks on an internship, last year at this time I was going to Uni nearly every day to work on my master’s analysis. So this year it feels great to be able to relax after work :D. Although I believe that once the PhD starts (or even after next week when I visit Dublin), the work starts again 😀

The Heat is ON!

14 07 2010

…Definitely on!…Lately, temperatures in Malta have gone up considerably, reaching levels which make it uncomfortable for anyone…air temperatures are reaching 35 Degrees C, with night temperatures at 24 deg C minimum…This makes me feel absolutely lethargic. After work all I feel like doing is a whole lot of NOTHING! I am only glad that I managed to submit my master’s thesis in time, because I would not have felt like working in this heat. At the moment I have been planning to research some articles related to my upcoming PhD…however I cannot seem to concentrate aaaaaaaaaaa…

I know that most of you in Europe are feeling the heat too…but I guess in Malta it is certainly much more unbearable 😦 In 2 weeks’ time I will be in Dublin , and I hope that it will be slightly cooler there 😀

I Can See…

29 06 2010

…the wood of my computer desk…and it is breathing a sigh of definite relief…after spending the last couple of years hidden underneath piles of papers/documents and the such (bar a couple of weeks/days here and there where my mum insisted I give a clear out…but not in the past few months for sure), the wood of our computer desk can finally see the light of day. When I am working on an assignment…BSc thesis…MSc thesis…other reports, I tend to keep everything in piles…I do not want to throw away anything and I need everything next to me (even if I know I will never look at them again). Since I have now submitted my masters (YIPPIE!), and today is a feast in Malta, yesterday I placed everything in two piles…things to file etc (around 1%…since most of things I needed to file etc were already filed etc) and things to throw away/use as rough paper. This morning I decided to separate the throw away/rough paper pile and that job is now ready :D.

Hopefully the desk can remain somewhat clean for the next couple of months or so…although it is already picking up papers again…since next Friday I should have a PhD telephone interview, so I have some papers to read up on to prepare myself…wish me the best of luck…I hope all goes well…maybe plans would change again (A) …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa